A New Year

It is still January, and as such, I still feel it's safe to share some hopes and wishes for 2011. I've set only one goal for this year, which is to enjoy a candle light dinner every night this winter.
With the whole family.
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So far this has been such a pleasant part of our day. It's pretty amazing what light can do for our emotions, right?
Sitting down in this way together, both of my girls now old enough to contribute meaningful insight to the dinner conversation, well, it gives such a sense of well being.
Which is, in the end, my ultimate hope.
So, for this year, I hope to feel well, live slow, and keep moving forward.
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I have to say that I am feeling my best these days. There are stressors to be sure. Days where plans fall to pieces and tears and frustrations rise. But these days I suddenly feel like me. I look at the middle school children I teach and see their awkward struggle, thankful that I have reached a place where my insecurities are largely a thing of the past.
I kind of love this age I'm wearing.
It's comfortable and feels awfully right. My family is strong and healthy. My work is busy and satisfying. My creative needs are met within each of my days. It's a fine balance. One I know is delicate and based on many things I cannot control, but within these days of mid thirty I feel like me is showing up in real color.
Here's to a year of more beauty in the color of the sky, the contour of their faces, his jovial ways, the words of books, the weave of yarn, the palate of fabric, hard work, and the order and rhythm of home.
(Photos taken at Winter Garden a Glow, New Years Day 2011)


  1. ♥ this. ♥ you. You're an inspiration.

  2. Oh, beautifully written and expressed. I love to hear the content and joy in your writing voice. It sounds like such a good place to be and may it continue to be throughout the year.
    "I kind of love this age I'm wearing" are such affirming words.
    It's my b'day and I am a little startled to be where I am, and in all honesty, a bit scared. I hope to borrow your words!
    Best to you, Ellen.

  3. These are the words I mean. This is where I look for inspiration. Thank you. I love you my friend.

  4. What a beautiful post. Thanks. I needed to read something like that. Glad to hear things are well for you!

  5. What a beautiful post. I am not in the same place right now, but am seeing that I need to make changes and strive to be - comfortable with my age, my life, my job. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

  6. Heather, I love this post and I am inspired by the idea of a candlelit dinner every evening. We are doing "french dinner" every Sunday night (bread, cheese, wine, fruit, etc.) and I think we will start doing it by candlelight. It sort of reminds me of the traditional Jewish Sabbath dinner. Lovely, lovely, lovely.


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