Quick Takes

I just read my friend Sarah's quick takes and it made me so happy to know what was going on with her that I decided to ditch cleaning the bathroom and post a quick update.

1. I started a new job 2 weeks ago. I'm back in the classroom after thinking I wouldn't be doing that this year since the budget at my last job was cut and my position was eliminated. I found out about this new job the day before school started, so my world has been turned a bit skiddy whompus.
2. The job is at the school I was at before. My 6th graders now were my 2nd graders when I left. I love seeing their faces again and realize how much I missed teaching them and being a part of this school.
3. I'm still teaching preschool music in the morning and a few piano lessons. This means that starting next Tuesday I'll be working pretty much full time.
4. I feel guilty about being away so much. Amelia gets a lot more Daddy time, though, and this is not a bad thing. Plus, I still have all the school breaks and summer, so the financial stability is worth it in the end.
5. The garden is taking a major back seat. I can't do it all. If you live near me and you want produce please let me know. I would like you to come to the garden and help harvest. You'll get food for your efforts.
6. I'm knitting but not sewing. My current projects are all gifts, so they are super secret until they are delivered. I have a wish list a mile long and I'm wondering if I'll give myself carpel tunnel if I really knit everything I want to knit.
7. My bathroom is disgusting and I'm finding it difficult to get dressed in professional attire every. single. day of the week again.
8. How will I ever have time/energy to can peaches, tomatoes, pasta sauce, and freeze corn? I really, really want this to happen.
9. I'm not good at dealing with conflict or making mistakes. I made a mistake this week and I lost a lot of sleep worrying about the conflict that might ensue. I went to see my sister who does a form of therapy called EFT yesterday. She helped me work through all the reasons why I was making myself sick over this incident and the possibility of conflict in general. I finally slept and felt at peace last night. Thank you, sister. I really needed that. I'm going to keep working on letting go of my fear of conflict and letting go of the belief that I have to be perfect and never disappoint anyone.
10. I don't want my computer to be such an important part of my day. I love feeling connected to other people, and since I don't have time to hang out with friends, these connections keep me sane, but I feel a need to disconnect. I don't know how long I'll be gone, but I'm letting go of a lot of my internet based interactions for the foreseeable future. Maybe just photos and a few words on the blog here and there. We'll see.

Be well, dear friends...I feel Fall coming on and I can't wait.


  1. I absolutely loved reading your quick takes - I just cleaned our bathroom yesterday - it was gross, but I'm so happy it's (relatively) clean now.
    Have a nice break from cyberspace...as always, I'll be here whenever (and however) you return. xo!!

  2. Our bathroom is nasty too. And I already feel carpel tunnel setting in...and I hate being on the computer so much too. But, like you, I rely on it for a lot of my authentic connections. I'll miss you while your gone - but will look forward to reconnecting. xo

  3. My bathroom is gross too. And my kitchen. It's super sticky from canning so much jam. Good luck with school starting....and take care of yourself. Conflicts happen and you won't ever make everyone happy, worry about you and the three closest to you. At least that's the kind of thing I tell myself....see you when things calm down!

  4. heather, you are so awesome and real, and i can so relate to everything you wrote. Enjoy some peaceful time if you can find it!!! love you, Aunt Laure

  5. I love you!!!

    I totally understand the conflict thing. I cause myself so much stress because I don't have the guts to face conflict!!!!

    Don't feel bad about making the girls help with canning. I still remember picking asparagus, canning jelly and killing chickens (I didn't help in the killing trust me, but I was there) and I am not scarred for life. I haven't done any canning, I just am not there right now with the girls being so little, but those memories are like a little seed inside of me waiting for the right time to sprout.

    I hope that work is going well, all those little kids are so lucky to have you for a teacher!!

  6. Heather, I am thinking of you...and knowing right where you are at. This week back to school has been a little insane. I can't imagine adding two sweetest girls to the mix. Know that you will be missed, but, I am so happy that you are finding your balance.


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