Yesterday Was Hard and A Garden Update

Everything felt so good and easy on Saturday. Yesterday I headed off to the garden bright and early to do some weeding and check on the watering system. As soon as I unloaded and got to work the girls immediately started fighting and crying, the weeds had already managed to start their tyrannical take over, and squash bugs had killed three of my winter squash plants over the weekend. I stood there scratching my head and wondering what had happened! Why the sudden crazy? Weren't we just all good?
We settled in soon enough. The girls got busy playing without the tears (after some stern redirection) and I got my weeding done. Then it was time for lunch in the park and some rest. In the end we worked it out. Everyone except the winter squash plants. They are not okay. Today it back to business. I'll be picking some raspberries, scouting for pickling cucumbers and green beans, digging for new potatoes, and hunting for squash bugs.
Then we'll hit the local snow cone shack for a reward.
The following photos were taken on July 19th, exactly one month after the last photos I shared. Things change a lot in one month!Happy girls standing next to the Indian Corn, which is as tall as Amelia now.Cylindria Beets ready for harvest. These beets are long and thin. Great for slicing to make pickled beets!The view from the HUGE potato plants.Broccoli, peppers, beans, and The Three Sisters.Purple Hull Snap Beans! I love the lavender flowers on these babies and they are just about ready to harvest.


  1. The garden looks amazing! I am so jealous. Except of the hard day, those suck. It's worth it though right?

  2. Your farm looks so amazing! Hang in there! I know it's gotta be super rewarding!

  3. Hi Heather,
    Thanks for picking up the car seat. It was fun to meet you! Cool blog!

  4. You have such a beautiful garden! Beautiful little girls to! Snowcones sound like a well deserved reward. :)


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