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No Excuses Thursday
I'm joining Michelle in her No Excuses Thursday challenge. It's no secret that I'm a procrastinator, but I've really been working on this for the past year. I've licked some bad habits that have made my life a lot easier on a daily basis, but big projects still get me. Sometimes I just can't commit and other times I have no idea where to begin. Today I've made my summer list of go on...get it done projects. We'll see how I do.
1. file the to-file pile (6 months old)
2. finish the 10 year anniversary quilt I started (ahem) two years ago
3. re-organize my kitchen storage
4. paint the front door and entry area
5. have a garage sale
6. knit Hadley a cardigan
7. make new awning covers
8. re-do the piano/computer room
9. wash the windows
10. Organize photo storage
11. Renew teaching license and organize teaching materials
12. Use patterns and fabric to make some summer shirts for me

Today I'll tackle the filing.


  1. Great list, Heather! Thanks for joining in! :) (I have to renew my certificate next summer-- hence the photog. class next week!)

  2. Good Luck, Heather! You can do it.

    Now -- stop looking at email and GO get to your filing.

  3. That sounds like a list to keep you busy for some time! :)

  4. The list looks good - and do-able. When I get back from our trip I need to get my list made. We'll see how many line items there are to get finished! I tend to be a little over-ambitious.

  5. That's a great list!I should make one myself...I tend to be a slight procrastinator myself...

  6. If I wrote out a list of all the things I needed to do it would freak me out!!! Good luck on getting stuff done.


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