Garden Update-June 2010-The Baby Phase

I made Sweet and Sour Chard from Simply in Season one night this week. The Grown Ups liked it. The Little's did not. It was beautiful in the pan, though.
Rainbow swiss chard is ready for harvest and should delight us all summer long. This is the center stem of the plant.
The babiest of baby carrots all washed up after thinning the carrot rows. These babies pack a pungent punch!
Baby, baby carrots and sugar snap peas make the most delicious stir-fry lunch. Everyone loves this!
The baby beets that come as a result of thinning are so beautiful they needed to become a bouquet. I have several varieties growing and they are so yummy as babies. The greens are wonderful steamed, too.
A 2ft. wide bed in front of the play area houses the vining plants like yellow summer squash, cucumber and cantaloupe. They are now crawling up tomato cages to keep them contained. The green sprouting things in the front of the beds are garlic. A new plant for me! Right now I have hundreds of babies on the vining plants and I think we will have an abundant harvest.
I had two carrots come back from last year. I decided to let one of them go to seed and see what happens. Carrots produce seed the second year after over wintering and this was learned by total accident, so if I get seed it will be serendipitous indeed. The flowers are beautiful, though!
Basil, lettuce and the devoured cabbage before I pulled it and fed it to the compost. This is the narrow 1 foot wide bed that sits behind our patio.
The peas in my backyard are abundant. I'm glad I planted both places.
The garden from the potatoes over. Not much to see yet.
Potato rows. There are four varieties growing here. These plants are double this size and covered in flowers. The yukons golds are giving us babies!! I harvested 6 just yesterday and decided to wait on the rest until after next week.
Beets. Glorious and abundant beets. 4 hours spent thinning and hand weeding the beets in one week.
Pea trellises. We got the peas in too late to see much harvest. Plus this method of tepees did not work at the farm garden like it works in my square foot gardens. We will need to revamp for next year.
The Broccoli Plants Have since provided about 12 heads of broccoli. We ate Heather grown broccoli last night for dinner.


  1. Woweee! The Farm is paying off in a big way already!

    My favorite chard recipe is one that the littles may enjoy, from Giada de Laurentiis. Chard, whole wheat linguini, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, wine (I've made it with balsamic instead - good!). If you're interested, I'll find and forward the recipe!

  2. Wow--your garden looks great! I have "Simply in Season" and hadn't tried sweet and sour chard yet--will have to try it after our next farm pick-up!

  3. OMG! This is amazing, Heather! So impressed...SOOOOO proud!

  4. Your garden looks amazing. All that good stuff to eat. The stir fry looks yummy and you know how much I love beets!!!!! You have been a very busy girl!! Keep up the good work.

  5. That's just amazing, Heather! Look at all that fresh, yummy goodness!

  6. Beautiful pics Heather! The garden looks AWESOME

    my favorite way to make sauteed greens is with a little tamari and cajun seasoning, trust me...yum.

  7. Thanks for the invite to join your "Go Local" challenge. I'm already committed to posting for the Independence Days Challenge on Mondays, but there's a lot of crossover goals...would it be ok to use those posts? Your challenge might give me some new ideas for making those posts more varied, too.

  8. Wow! I have green thumb envy. Thanks for letting my garden vicariously through yours!

  9. Your photos are AMAZING! Great work, Heather! You have such a green thumb!


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