I'm getting ready to kick off the Go Local challenge again this year. I've waffled a bit on whether to do the challenge for 2010 and specifically on how to do the challenge. I know I want to keep promoting local food, but I don't know if you all want to participate in weekly posts, guest posts, interviews, how-to's, etc. I've debated skipping Mr. Linky since we didn't get a lot of links last year, but the links we did get were awesome. I've also debated setting up the guest posts again because they were my favorite part of last years challenge.

I've allowed anonymous comments so that you can say what you really think about this, and I would really appreciate your input.

Go Local takes a fair amount of time and I would like to see it grow and be meaningful. I would also like to share the challenge at my local farmer's market this summer, but I want it to be well organized and easy to navigate. We have a lot of gardeners, home preservers, and marvelous cooks in this group.

Is Go Local meaningful to you? What is your favorite part? More local resources links? More interviews? More DIY information about preserving and growing? More recipes? Shorter duration? Has Go Local run its course? Would you tell me if it had? All comments are greatly appreciated even if they are to inform me that you hate this challenge and wish I would shut up already.


  1. I'm totally in Heather. I think this sounds great. I wasn't around for last years challenge - but i can't imagine a "Go Local" challenge could ever run it's course. People need to be made aware of the importance of eating close to home. You've got my vote. -Debbie

  2. I'm definitely up for another summer of Go Local, and think the duration of it has been perfect in the past.

    One of the things I think makes the whole things so great is the sort of free-form no-pressure nature of it all...I can commit to 'going local' without feeling all kinds of guilt when I don't post weekly on my own blog about my local meals.

    I think the Mr. Linky's are helpful; I always seem to find a new way to prepare a vegetable or preserve something.

    I thought the interviews were really fun last year; but I imagine it was a lot of work on your end coordinating all of won't be heartbroken if the challenge reverts back to more of it's original form -- of just getting all of us to think more consciously about the food we are putting into our bodies.

  3. I'm in for any which way you run with it. Thanks to your recommendation I now have my very own copy of Simply in Season and I am drooling away over here eager to get my hands on some local eats.

    I like Mister Linky (I still never got that darn thing to work on my blog) and followed the links to see what people were up to.

    I definitly ~love~ when people share recipies and creative ways to make dinner lunch the next day and feel like you are eating something completely different.

    Good luck! I'll still be snooping around either way ;-)

  4. Heather--I love your blog and follow through my friend Stacey--who is Ashley's friend--and now i feel like I know you too! ANYWAY--I love your go local stuff! Keep it up..I love the recipes and perserving parts. I copied (AND LOVED) your lower sugar freezer jam recipe--it was my first attempt at freezer jam and i'm hooked! Keep it up--I told Stacey the other day, I'm totally jealous of your "new" gardent spot! So exciting! Happy Spring!

  5. Well, I am all for simplicity. I say do whatever is easiest for you to pull off! But I don't think you should abandon Go Local completely. Personally, I love seeing/hearing about what you're eating, because it inspires me. As long I can hear about what's on your dinner table from time to time, I'm happy!

  6. I hadn't found your blog last year, so did not participate, but I have read two books on the topic, grow a garden, keep chickens, and buy most of our meet from local sources. I would be happy to participate. :)

  7. LOL. m-e-a-t

    Damned English teacher!

  8. We have been trying to eat local (as much as is reasonable for us). I have written about it on my blog and include it somewhat in tomorrow's post, but I am always looking for encouragement to continue with the effort, so I would love it if you wrote about your continuing efforts to "go local".

    Last year I perserved quite a bit of food, but not enough to carry us through the winter. So we have a larger garden this year and will put up as much food as time and the garden allow, and then see how far through the winter it takes us.

    I like the Mister Linky, gives me a chance to see what others are doing in the effort to eat locally and I will contribute if I have something written on the subject.


  9. I say keep it going!!! I have been waiting all year to be able to participate after being a slacker last summer. I think it is great because it forces me to be creative and try new foods and recipes. Plus if it is important to you I want to be supportive because I love ya!!! What ever you do I say keep it as simple as possible since you are going to be a busy farming mama this summer.

  10. We are totally in...I've actually been thinking about it every time we make a huge salad from the garden. I loved the guest posts that you did last year. For some reason I could never figure out how to use Mr. Linky...I know I'm ridiculous, but my brain wasn't working very well last summer. Maybe this year I will figure it out. I also like hearing about how people are growing or otherwise acquiring their local food. I'm totally hearing you about the organization piece though...took me a while to get a system going with the family blog thing, let me know how you set it up. What you are doing is totally worth it!

  11. Hey Heather, you can count on me to be in this year. I love the Go Local challenge, even though all's I've got in my garden are tomatoes and bell peppers. And rhubarb, although it was a bust this year - too warm, too soon?? Sigh.
    We've got a fantastic Farmer's Market just blocks away from our house, and I'd like to challenge myself to buying most of our food from there this year. Just keep it simple for your own sake...I like a casual style anyhow! xoxo.

  12. The Go Local challenge is one of my favorite things about the summer. I love how I can always be inspired by others and finding new recipes. The interviews were so fun last year!

  13. I don't know if I'm too late to vote, but I loved everything about last summer! I'm also a sucker for a good interview (but then again, I am a journalist and a news nerd) and I love all types of recipes! I can't wait to see what happens this summer!


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