Tulip Love

I've been thinking a lot about why I love the tulips that grace my front beds each spring. Their candy dish colors make me endlessly happy, and then I feel sort of sad that they will be gone so soon. Then happy again to know there will be more tulips in a different shade and then peonies and lilacs coming right behind. I love flowers. They make an ordinary day seem special.
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  1. Tulips and daffodils are that first burst of color after a long cold winter. They make me start thinking about all of the colors to come...I love them too!

  2. We love flowers around here. My son's new obsession is dandlions. Good thing for him they are all over our backyard!

  3. The thing I love about Tulips this time of year is that even when it's cold, gray and rainy outside, and I don't want to go outside, they do. I love seeing all their bright colors on these gray, rainy Seattle days!


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