Quick Takes Monday

I'm joining my friend Sarah with her quick takes posting. I have things to say that don't always seem post worthy, but that I want to remember anyway. This seems like a nice way to post without the pressure of a photo or a project to share.

1. I have been working out steadily since November. I have lost very little weight, but I've noticed that my measurements have changed. I'm waiting for this change to be enough for me and focusing on the fact that I'm enjoying working out again. Just when I was feeling really good about my workouts I woke up with a lot of pain in my left knee. I couldn't work out with my usual class at the gym and I felt very discouraged and old. It's getting better, but it's still very weak and not ready for interval training. I do feel good that I actually miss working out really hard. I think that means something.

2. I've been getting very excited about sewing again. I've got a bunch of projects all lined out and ready to go, but I can't seem to get myself into the studio to make them happen. I need to download some This American Life to my i-pod so I won't feel so lonely down in my studio all by myself.

3. There are a lot of babies being born in the next few months, and I really want to knit projects for all these tiny, new people. The list keeps growing. I might end up sewing for people instead. We'll see.

4. My garden is coming along this year. I've got peas, carrots, green onions, spinach and lettuce out in the garden. In the seedling trays I have zinnia's, basil, broccoli, more lettuce, lots of tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin, and parsley. I'll be buying some starts from the farmer's market for peppers, eggplant, and maybe even more tomatoes. This year has been much easier than last year in terms of knowing what I'm doing. I wish I had even more room to plant. I'm so excited for summer harvest.

5. We almost got chickens this year, but then decided we've got enough on our plates and we'll wait until next year. There are chickens in our future.

6. The month of April is flying by, and the month of May is scaring me already. There are many, many little performances coming up for all my little musicians and some bigger musicians. Once May is over I will be relieved even though I know I should be living in the moment and not wishing for the future.

7. Our vegetarian diet is still going well. We've eaten the grass fed beef from our freezer twice and I ate chicken on Amelia's birthday. Other than that it's been all veg. around here. I've been using two cookbook from the library that I love. One is Love Soup and the other is The Gourmet Vegetarian Slow Cooker. The thing I struggle with most is eating vegetarian and local. Most quick vegetarian foods are not from around here and local produce is scarce unless it's in my freezer or pantry from last year. Tofu, veggie burgers, rice, pasta, beans, cottage cheese, peanut butter, etc. I'm working this out with myself.

Wow. That feels much better. No more bloggy backlog. Maybe this will free up my creativity somehow?


  1. I love this post. I love hearing about the little things that people are doing as well as the big things. Great job on being veggie and for working out. Those are really hard to stick to.

  2. My quick responses:
    Changing shape is definitely good. Andrew listens to This American Life while he paints. I would love to hear about your favorite vegetarian meals! Fun post!

  3. I need to do that...it seems I forget those little things I do everyday, but that I want to remember.

  4. Way to go on sticking with the workouts! Your quick posts just confirm that we would be friends if you lived a couple of hundred miles further west :)

  5. I love this post too! It's nice to hear about the little details. Congrats on your workouts! I've been working out consistently too, and I'm awfully proud of myself, but I can't say that my measurements are getting smaller. I'm only getting bigger. But that's to be expected with a baby on board. Way to go on the veg diet, too! I'll have to check out that gourmet slow cooker book. Sounds interesting.

    Thanks for the update!

  6. What great post! I often want to post but don't have much to say or any pictures. I love that you're getting back into working out (as I'm struggling with that as well). I can't wait to see what your garden has instore for you. And I'm excited for your sewing as well! You're so talented and creative!

  7. I can relate to the "bloggy backlog" feeling - glad you shared all that you're up to, and it all sounds like real good stuff.

  8. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Great post!

  9. Ahh what a refreshing post, I love it!


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