Quick Takes Monday

1. The Farmer's Market opens next weekend. Wouldn't it just be silly for me to say that I'm excited?

2. I finished several little projects yesterday and realized my camera battery was dead. I also took a THREE hour nap. That's crazy stuff right there.

3. We went on a little mini hike to a waterfall yesterday and my camera battery was dead for that as well. It seems Amelia loves hiking as much as we do. She just kept telling us how beautiful everything was and she would have walked the whole thing if we'd have let her.

4. I managed to shop for and plan my whole week's worth of menus today. There is some good food coming up and I'm excited. I've had several requests for weekly vegetarian menus and I will post some of my menus as well as some fun recipes I've been using in the regular rotation.

5. I dream about sewing. I wake up thinking about what I want to sew and I go to sleep knowing for sure that tomorrow I will make the time. It still isn't happening. What's up with that?

6. The Mail Man is set on developing a family band. He wants us to play hard core rock and he routinely shares You Tube videos with the girls to get them excited about this idea as well. Lately the girls are always singing "I love rock and roll" By Joan Jett. Hadley heard there was a new movie coming out about her and thinks she would love to see it. We think she will have to wait several years to see this movie, but she can still keep singing her songs. Amelia sings "I love rock and roll, so put another dime in the juice box baby". For real. These little girls are my rock stars.

7. Natalie Merchant recently released a record called Leave Your Sleep. It's stunning. As far as making the argument that music can teach culture...this pretty much takes the cake. You can hear her on Morning Edition here. There are some songs posted there as well. I have not been excited about a new album in such a long time.

8. I've found myself arguing to keep music in school at two board meetings this month. I feel sick that all these budget cuts the schools are facing means less arts in our schools. I know reading and writing is crucial, but what about beauty, culture, and aesthetics? Heartbreaking stuff for me.

I have big plans to post more than one thing this week, so maybe, see you soon?!


  1. Juice box. I love it! You are one busy lady - you needed that nap!

  2. The farmers market!!! I'm excited for you!!! I still have a couple of weeks until the market here. Will you be doing a go-local again? Perhaps we could collaborate on a little go-local project if you'd like. And dreaming of sewing--perfectly normal. I dream of knitting all the time. If only I could write out the patterns I dream.

  3. Good for you for taking a stand at your school board! I firmly believe that people can make a difference in their community if they just have the guts/willingness/effort to stand up and fight for what they believe in! I can promise you that you are not alone....think of all the others who believe in what you do but just don't have the courage that you do take a stand! Good for you! And I do hope you find some sewing time soon! Can't wait to see what you create! Good luck and keep up the good fight! Joan Jett would be proud! ;)

  4. Juice box! Oh my! That is HILARIOUS!!!! :) S

  5. I just came by to catch up and your mention of Natalie Merchant's new album caught my eye. I posted about this on my blog either this past Monday or the one before as an "inspiration" post. I included a clip to her performance at a Ted Conference. It was amazing, and she is obviously just as wonderful live as on a recording. As a musician myself, that really matters to me. *grin*

    I'm with you on keeping music in school, too!


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