Not Buying It -Meat

Today concludes our first month of not buying meat. We've been eating a vegetarian diet as a trial for the month of February, and it turns out we are sticking with it for the foreseeable future.
I like meat. I made a list of my favorite meat-y foods just to take a good look at what I'd be missing. Here's my list: ribs, hawaiian pizza, cheeseburgers, pot roast, chicken korma, spaghetti and meatballs, bacon, and shepherd's pie.
I like meat. At least I like the idea of meat.
At the beginning of the month I was wishing it repulsed me, but it didn't. So why make a change? Well, I suppose it's been a long time coming. I was a vegetarian for 6 years during college up until Hadley was born, and then I just got lazy and started taking the easy route back to the dinner table. We've still maintained a very low meat (and almost exclusively local) diet around here, but lately we've been feeling the pull to make a significant change. Shortly after we started our trial run I watched Food, Inc. and that sealed the deal. Even the local meats we've been limiting ourselves to no longer seem appealing, so we'll have to support the farmers in another way.
Of course I've been studying about the nutritional needs of my children, since preparing meals for myself was pretty simple back then. So far the girls are not missing meat or asking for it at all. We'll see what happens when Amelia sees a hot dog.

Some great veg. resources I've been enjoying:
All Recipes: this recipe for vegetarian korma is bomb diggity good. There are hundreds of vegetarian recipes available on this site.
Feeding the Big Guy: my old college room mate who looked at me cross eyed as she stocked the freezer with meat-y meals from home while I announced my plan to go meatless; she's now a veteran veg. and posts lots of great recipes.
AnchorMommy: Here is a perfect article about feeding vegetarian kids written by my friend and veteran veg. head, Shannon.

So here you have change number one of my 2010 Evolution. I'm very lucky that The Mail Man is fully supportive of this decision and has even encouraged me in my new ways of stocking the pantry. One total bonus of a meat free diet is calorie reduction...if I'm conscientious. One reason I stopped eating veg. back in 2002 was because I wasn't choosing healthy foods any longer. Basically anything meat free was free game. This wasn't working for me. Right now I'm working on losing 10 pounds, and eating healthy food and skipping the meat has really helped me keep my calorie count where I want it.

I should mention that we will still be eating fish when we can find it sustainably caught/local. Technically this makes us pescatarians. I'm not about to give up my fish love when we head to the Oregon Coast this summer. At least not yet.

We started this challenge in conjunction with the One Small Change challenge. You can see what others are changing as well by following this link.


  1. Good for you. My hubbie is a die hard carnivore so I doubt we will ever head in that direction ... however he IS a huge veggie fan - the more the better ... as long as there are some potatoes and/or bread thrown in there!

  2. Congratulations! We are eating like that 90% of the time. We cheat occasionally when we are with family for big events...and we always regret it when we do. We just feel so much better without any meat. Now if only I could really give up cheese....

  3. told you that korma was good!

    turns out i have some pretty fierce cravings for steaks, uh, pretty much ALL THE TIME. sigh. no amount of vegetables and whole grains satisfy that craving. sad face.

    so, good for you, heather.

    p.s. miss your face! we need to remedy this.

  4. I've been meat free for a while now and really do love the change. It's nice on the budget (somewhat--I do use the savings to buy organic produce in the winter time when I cannot buy local). I do love Holli's recipes--they are yummy!

  5. great. i totally support you. we hardly eat meat. mainly white meat and i prefer fish, cheese and vegetables anyway. great job!!!

  6. That's awesome!!!!! I'm so happy for you all and hope you continue to love the veg life!

  7. Love it! Hope you can post some good recipes as you continue...I go meat-free a couple times a week at least, but am inspired by you doing it more long term!

  8. Way to go! We are also following a very low meat diet (chicken or turkey about twice a month). I tried going vegetarian once, but the same thing happened where I wasn't eating healthy, just meatless. I am more aware now of how to be a healthy vegetarian...we are toying around with the idea of leaving our twice a month chicken dishes out for good.
    So glad it is going so well for you!

  9. We always go meatless for Lent. I really appreciate it. Wish I could go all of the way.

  10. I really need to watch Food, Inc. I think it would push me over the fence of meat-eater or vegetarian that I've pretty much always teetered on. However, my meat-lovin'-BBQing-king-hubby may not be so keen on my plan...or at least he'll be BBQing much more for himself that for us.

  11. Well looky here! You posted a nice link to me and I'm only just now getting around to reading about it. Ugh -- my life is a little out of whack right now. Anyway, thank you.

    I love All Recipes too! Their search function makes it pretty easy to find meatless meal ideas.

    Best of luck as you return to vegetarianism!!!

  12. Good luck to you! Don't think I could go totally vegetarian, because once in a while I just have to have a steak. :) But I appreciate eating loser on the food chain, and hubby and I do love us some Boca!


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