Breaking Through the Gray

A winter hazard of this area is the constant gray that tends to set in for the months of January and February. It can be pretty depressing to have constant cold and GRAY. The snow has all melted so it's not even white, which adds insult to injury in my opinion.
There are bits of color popping up, and today the sun is actually shining rather happily. It's amazing what a little color can do for the soul. Here's what's coloring my world happy lately.

The winter fruit of a beautiful snow covered tree
My bathroom when it is perfectly cleanMy girl completing her very first snowman with little help from us.My first pair of socks finally finished after all these months.Even though they are way too loose, riddled with mistakes, and I'm not totally happy with how they turned out, I'm proud of myself for finishing them. I turned the heel all by myself.I learned a TON about knitting with this project. I also learned a TON about myself. The next pair will be even better.

What's coloring your world this cold January day?


  1. Hooray for a finished PAIR of socks. That's more than I can say -- I've got 1 and 3/4 of a pair done :)

    Love the snowman photo too -- AND a clean bathroom! how nice!


  2. My life is recently colored with all the sweet dreams I'm having as a result of sleep (finally)! Or course, that is also accompanied by early mornings, sunrises, and a happy, cheerful household when we wake!

  3. I think those socks are AWESOME!!!! Well done, girl!!!

    I love the rest of your pics as well. I too, am so so so happy to see some sun! Can't wait for K. to wake up from his nap so we can take a walk!

  4. I had a golden day with my 4th graders today. Perhaps the first real one this school year. I am bubbling over.

    I adore the socks, BTW!!!

  5. What kind of tree is that with the pretty snowy fruit? Lovely picture!

  6. Socks! Love! Congrats to you - I think the whole wide wonderful world of knitting opened-up for me after I finished my first pair. Now you can knit ANYTHING!
    Coloring my world right now is the warm(ish) weather outside (30 degrees feels heavenly). And watching my son skate and learn how to play hockey. I'm a proud Mama today.

  7. It's gray and raining and foggy here in Seattle. Very little color...very gray...very blah...good thing we've got knitting and sewing projects to add a little color in our lives! And the socks look great!!! Don't worry about the mistakes...they are merely "design elements" as I like to call them!

  8. your socks. Sometimes I like to wear nice warm ones to bed, because I can't sleep when my feet are cold.

    I still cuddle with a maroon & cream blanket I crocheted when I was a teen.

    Perfect project to do in January. It's adorable.

  9. Yahoo!!! I do feel gray when winter sets in but bravo to you for finding color. I do find that sock knitting teaches a lot about knitting itself--so many techniques can be mastered. You did a terrific job with them. I still haven't knit a pair that I am absolutely in love with.


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