The Making, Part 1

This year I had the pleasure of giving gifts to my brother and his wife. They have two little ones at their house and after many hours of debate I finally narrowed down the choices and went with an Olive doll for Marley (18 mos.) and a felted sweater hobby horse for Cash(2 1/2 yrs.).
Marley was not the least bit interested in her dolly, so I'll share a picture of her with my sister Rebecca instead of the one I'd hoped to get of her hugging her dolly. That way you'll be able to see why Olive is the perfect doll for her when she decides she needs one.Don't they look like soul mates?

Cash made me feel like a rock star!At first he had no idea what to make of this strange package, but it didn't take him long. Love at first sight.
I can't even tell you how much his reaction made me want to squeal. Cash was a cowboy for Halloween and he knows exactly what to do with a stick horse. Grab it by the mane and get after it.
The horse is a project I'd like to share here sometime soon. It was inspired by a knitting project I found earlier this year. I had grand plans to knit the horse head and then felt it, but there just wasn't time. Not to be deterred I scrounged up some killer soft wool sweaters and just started cutting. Amelia has the baby "test" version and she's convinced it needs a Mama. Back to the cutting table! This time I'll try to get some better photos.


  1. Love, love, love the horse! You are so creative. Your right... your niece's soft brown eyes match her dolly's. I'm sure she'll get the idea one day.

  2. Those gifts are so amazing! They are perfect and will be loved for a long, long time!

  3. What great treasured gifts! I know they'll love them for a long time!

  4. Such wonderful gifts! I am, as usual, so impressed!!! I love Wee Wonderfuls dolls - ever since you pointed her out to me and the stick horse is really really impressive!!! Nice work!!

    PS-I agree with Meg, the new header is really nice!

  5. OMG, Olive is darling and the horse is so cool! What a great AUNT!

  6. both are so special and hopefully will be treasured for a very long time.


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