Celebrating Solstice

Because we never celebrated Solstice when I was growing up I've been intimidated by the thought of adding new traditions into our holiday rotation. Now that we are becoming ever more aware of the seasons and what they provide, celebrating the sun and its increasing presence in our days reminds us of the perfect cycle of the earth. We know that our days revolve around this light, and our gardens are nourished and encouraged by its power. Armed with a dozen library books and several articles I found on-line we set forth to create our own celebration. Unfortunately Solstice morning also brought about a doctors visit for poor Amelia, and the realization that she had a double ear infection, double eye infection, and possible strep throat. This gave us all the more reason to hunker down inside and spend our time stringing popcorn and cranberries to share with the birds. Hadley helped me make a delightful dinner complete with handmade place cards and popcorn strings for decoration. The celebration was simple, and the only gifts were those for the birds, but it was rather memorable and we all agreed that we should continue our Solstice celebrating and keep learning how to make it a memorable part of our existing traditions.


  1. Poor Amelia! (And poor mom and dad!) That sounds awful. I hope she's fully recovered. :)

    What a great idea - turning the shortest day of the year into a celebration.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I like it! This was the first year that Semira and I discussed it and I always acknowledge it for the week or so leading up to it and a couple days after but I've never celebrated it...I think there are many missed opportunities for celebrations. Great idea!

  3. I've always wanted to have some kind of solstice party! One of these years we'll pull it together...

  4. What a fun new family tradition! I hope Amelia is feeling better!

  5. We did the same thing this year - I was hesitant b/c I already had enough going on but decided to pull out a last minute craft ... coming to a blog near you soon!

    I'll have to try the cranberry/popcorn next year - what fun!

    Love the goodies you made - that sweater is ADORABLE!!! I have some serious owl envy.

  6. What a nice tradition. I've been thinking a lot more about solstice and the ways the Earth and light affect me...and I think celebrating it is a great thing. Perhaps 2010 will be the year I kick off a few new traditions of my own.


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