Thanks for the Love

You guys are the best bloggy friends a girl could ever ask for. Thank you so much for the enthusiasm on the Sketch-A-Long. I'm working hard to get the pattern ready for testing. My studio was involved in a small flood this past week, which has slowed me down considerably.

Luckily The Mail Man is the handiest guy around. He never once complained as he dismantled the entire room he'd just finished building so he could replace all the plumbing behind the studio walls. Thanks to plastic bins there was no lasting damage, just a huge mess he had to deal with right about bed time. He replaced the plumbing, installed a new water heater (surprisingly unrelated to the flood) earlier in the week and then re-installed the walls, cabinets and countertops yesterday morning. I restocked and re-organized everything last night.

There will be photos soon. I'm just not quite ready for the final reveal. I can tell you this, though. I call him The Mail Man for a very good reason. He delivers. The studio is rockin' cool and I can't believe it's all mine. Now back to getting things organized and drafting that pattern!

Hope your Monday is lovely. Mine is off to a great start already!


  1. OMG! Phil is a hero! What a job to do twice. And cleaning up a flood mess. Gosh -- he deserves a great big kiss. Can't wait to see the big reveal.

    Really -- I can't wait! Get to it, sister!

  2. Oh NO!!!! I'm glad that there was a silver lining and you got a rockin' room!

    BTW - loved the pics of your silly girl

  3. Go Mail Man! I can't wait to see the final product!!!

  4. I'm totally looking forward to seeing some pics of your studio. What an awesome hubby you have!

  5. Sorry to hear about the flood! I can't wait to see the craft room....I was wondering about it!!

  6. Perhaps Super should be added to his title...I think he definitely showed his prowess on this one!


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