A Garden in Review

I pulled the last of the produce from the garden this week.
I am planning a roasted beet and goat cheese salad for dinner tonight. Tomorrow also marks the end of our Farmer's Market, so we'll head over in our costumes and purchase our winter honey and potatoes. We may grab a big bag of carrots if there are any to be had, and we'll say good bye to our friends who have helped feed us this past 6 months.

Come February we'll start our seeds for next year's garden and hopefully get it in the ground a few weeks earlier this time. We have plenty of seeds left over!

For a learning year I'd say we did pretty well for ourselves. We didn't harvest as much of everything we planted and some things didn't work out at all, but in the end we got a lot of food from our three Square Foot Garden boxes.Here's what we ended up with in our own backyard:
8 Roma Tomato plants (really yummy for sauce and bruschetta)
4 Grape Tomato plants (great for snacking and salads)
3 salsa tomato plants (more acidic than the others...good salsa)
2 Brandywine Tomato plants (always great for slicing)
2 Pickling cucumber plants (not enough to do anything with)
4 broccoli plants (these ended up being huge and took too much space. I got 3-4 heads of broccoli and then pulled them. Next year they'll have a new location.)
Several Pea plants (we'll get these in the ground earlier so we can have more peas before it gets hot)
Spinach (One planting did yield some gorgeous spring salads...more next year and add a fall planting!)Romaine Lettuce (awesome! why didn't I do a fall planting?!!)
Green Leaf Lettuce (awesome! Again...why no fall planting?!!)
6 Bush Bean plants (this was enough for a meal sized serving every couple of days...more next year.)
8 Pole Beans (these followed up the peas and we didn't get the peas planted early enough to then plant the pole beans early enough...no harvest this year.)
2 Eggplants (Plenty of eggplant for us! We ended up with about 8-9 fruits which we used for a couple simple casseroles and some Baba Ganoush. Divine!!
1 Jalapeno plant (awesome yield! I was able to make stuffed jalps, lots of salsa, and freeze about 12 peppers for winter salsa making.)
Beets (I did a Spring and a Fall planting of Beets. The Spring planting was terrible because I was watering too frequently and not long enough. The Fall planting was gorgeous and yielded about 12 beets. I'll plant more next year! We love pickled and roasted beets.)
4 Flat Leaf Parsley (HUGE yield. It's still going strong and I'm thinking I'll go ahead and dry some in the oven for winter use.)
8 Italian Basil Plants (Just about perfect for us. I made several batches of pesto for the freezer and used it in bruschetta and sauce.
1 Peach Tree (We planted a peach tree last year and had thousands of tiny peaches on it this year. We thinned most of the fruit to give the tree a chance to produce and it worked! We had small fruit, but tons of it, and it was soo tasty!)
1 pear tree (Same story as the peach tree. We had less fruit, but about 6 or 7 gorgeous, delicious pears.)
3 apple trees ( We have three grafted apple trees in the yard. We're looking to do some espallier training with them against the side of the house, which we'll learn about this winter. We still aren't getting much fruit from the trees yet, but we did get 4 Golden Delicious apples and MMMMM, MMMM they were good!)The cantaloupe, regular cucumber, carrots, and bell peppers didn't work out this year. I'm looking forward to adding those crops as well as potatoes for 2010. As much as I loved growing a garden this year, I'll be honest, when the summer growing season ended I was glad to be done for the year. The square foot gardens are the way to go, though!!! So much less work than rows of dirt that have to be weeded and managed. This garden was about as low maintenance as a garden could possibly be, and I already miss the food. Next Spring will be here before I know it, and I'll be ready to go again.


  1. This is impressive! What a haul! I aspire to have a garden like yours one day!

  2. totally agree. We had 3 square foot gardens as well and we were totally impressed with the yield. So much less work in terms of weeding, watering, etc. We're adding 2 more gardens next year.

  3. Super! You are making my not want to be an urban dweller all over again! :)

  4. I am jealous. Our garden was a bit of a failure this year. We were a little late and the weather was A LOT too hot. I want to do the square foot gardens next year. I have heard such good things about it. Happy November! =]

  5. we personally like the square foot garden the best. it really is so much easier to maintain, in my humble opinion. i'm off to read more of your blogs!

  6. Fantastic!!! Sounds like a very productive year! Love the picture of your beets!!!

  7. maybe this spring we can have a little seed start-a-long? :)

  8. You are making me want to plan my garden for next year .... right now!


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