W.I.P. Week Knitting Version~Sweater Dress~

This was supposed to be for Hadley.She chose the yarn and everything. Lets just say that I dream better than I do math. Funny, huh?! Guess I would have paid better attention to my math teacher had I known I'd grow up to be a fiber feind.
Oh well. It's a pretty cute sweater dress for Amelia, right?!Check out my first attempt at stripes!
There's no way I was going to rip this out and try again. I'll just have to find another pattern for my Hadley girl. She's already forgiven me anyway. I'm looking for tome turquoise leggings or knit fabric to make this fall and winter worthy. We'll add a long sleeve shirt and some leggings and wear it every day. Okay. I'll let her take it off to wash it.
Pattern: Girl's cap Sleeved Spring Shirt
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Ravelled Here
(note: this was previously a free pattern. She has since made it into a multi-sized pattern available on Ravelry for purchase...maybe she offers a size 7 and I can try again!)


  1. The dress is adorable and I love the stripes! But...the girl is taking the prize as the cutest in this post. Amelia looks so cute and grown-up!!!!! Where is time going?!

  2. Great job, Heather! Amelia looks great - and quite pleased with her new dress. Leggings or tights underneath will be great for winter. Regarding knitting the pattern again for Hadley - you could try a bit thicker yarn (maybe a bulky weight) on slightly larger needles -- that would increase the size, without requiring you to purchase the pattern.

  3. sometimes i actually get a chance to check out your blog (which i really do enjoy reading btw). what a darling dress on a darling little girl! this would look so cute with a turtleneck underneath, tights and big boots:) you are so talented and i admire all the things crafty that you do!

  4. This is a cute dress! That was nice of Hadley to forgive you for the fact that it turned out for her little sister instead! My knitting math stinks. Perhaps they should start teaching kids math relates to knitting, then maybe they'll get it. Or maybe it's just me.

  5. Oh my gosh, I hardly recognized Amelia - she's such a big girl! Very cute sweater/dress - great job!

  6. Wowee, Heather! That is so adorable. Even if it's not being worn by the intended recipient. ;-) Love the colors!!!

    I too, cannot believe how big Amelia is!

  7. I guess Meg is saying I better change my math curriculum! :) The dress is darling, though - good knitting math or not!


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