W.I.P. Week Knitting Version~Button -Tab Hat~

A very good friend turned me on to this pattern. I'm a big fan of hats and buttons, so it went on the needles pretty much immediately. It was such a fast knit, too. Most of it was completed in a serious traffic jam on the freeway one evening. Thank heavens for knitting in traffic jams. My frustration would have been through the roof if I hadn't been listening to NPR and knitting away.
The problem is The Mail Man says I look like a dork in a brimless hat.
This will make a nice gift for someone who doesn't look like a dork in a brimless hat.
Pattern: Button-Tab Hat
Yarn: Louet Riverstone
Button: JoAnn
Ravelled Here

Tomorrow I'll ruin a friend's surprise and show you something I've finished and still not managed to get in the mail. It's my favorite, so I saved it for last.


  1. Super cute! And usually the Mail Man and I agree - but on this one -- he's wrong. You look adorable in the hat - brimless or not.


  2. I think that hat looks great! I tend to feel goofy in all hats but they are a necessity in the winter here!!

  3. Ditto to Holly's comment! You look great in the hat! Nice work! Maybe the Maiman is just jealous he doesn't look that good in your new knitted hat. Or that he doesn't have a new knitted hat.

  4. I think it's adorable! Are you going to put any on Etsy?

  5. Booo, mailman! (I mean, hi there, P!) I think it's cute and I think you're cute wearing it. :)

  6. I think you're cute too! Very hip, in fact! Love it.

    I also LOVE this pattern! Wait...could it be....is this the pattern to bring me back in the knitting fold??

  7. you should keep it...and wear it just to spite him. ha! seriously though, i think it looks nice on you.

  8. The button choice adds such flair! I also say...wear it anyway! :) -S

  9. I think you look fabulous in your hat!
    What a great color combination and I love the button : )


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