Slippers are good.
I regularly wish I was wearing mine when I step on a little pile of sand or crumbs.
I've made a few pairs lately. The first pair was made of yarn. While I enjoyed the process of turning a non-slipper shape of knitted material into an actual functioning slipper, and loved the color of the slippers, the texture of the yarn actually hurts my feet when I walk on my hardwood and tile floors. When I saw the pattern for these little beauties I hurled my to-do list out the window and made them that very day. Hand stitching the soles took a bit longer and almost derailed me altogether. I even cut into my favorite fabrics for these babies because I knew I'd love them and it turns out I really do. They are not too hot or too bumpy on my feet. They stop me from wanting to scream while working in my kitchen and they are really, super cute to look at, too. Not to mention they take very little fabric to whip up. I have plans to use some other materials and see what happens for winter slippers. Since I'll probably never finish my socks I guess I can just make lots of these and skip making socks all together.
We'll see.
Since you asked...
Pattern: Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing
Fabric: Brown Calico from JoAnn and Farmer's Market Cherries from Sandi Henderson


  1. I love them! Any chance of slippers going in the Etsy shop?

  2. Love them! That cherry fabric is just adorable. Nice work!

  3. very cool! like the fabric too. i am almost done knitting a pair of slippers to felt. hopefully i don't find them too bumpy!

  4. I've been eying those slippers for a while now...these days I'm thinking a pair of slippers would be helpful. Seeing yours finished makes me want to whip up a pair today!

  5. Super Duper Cute -- and they look just about my size ;)

  6. Those are SO cute!! Put them on Etsy!

  7. Those are so cute! I do love my slippers but they aren't as cute as yours!


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