Go Local-Week 10- Paige of Funny Magic Visits

Reading Funny Magic gives me so much joy. I never imagined when I started this blog that I would actually "meet" other bloggers. Mostly I thought I'd just keep in touch with family and friends, which I do, and for that I'm very thankful. The surprise of all this blogging business is the new friends I've made along the way. The people who touch my life in real and tangible ways without ever stopping by for a cup of tea, though I truly wish that could happen. I vividly remember the first post I ever read from Paige. She was making her little Juliette a wool cap and Juliette kindly offered to help when Paige had stepped away. The help came in the form of scissors and little holes in the cap. Paige spoke of her reaction upon returning to find such a fiasco involving long, slow sips of coffee and deep breathing. I knew instantly that we were kindred spirits. A stop by Funny Magic is a breath of fresh air, a good laugh, a nice chat, and well, a sweet dose of real. I feel like we are long lost friends and I hope it stays that way for a long time to come. If you haven't ever been by for a visit, please stop over. You'll laugh, you'll remember, you'll be inspired, you'll enjoy your time there, and she'll make you feel like you've been stopping by all along. Thanks, Paige! It's lovely to have you here.
Go Local:: From Farmstand to Kitchen Sink Soup
One of my favorite things about summer, in addition to visiting the farmer's markets, are the farm stands dotted throughout the city. Last week Juliet and I stopped at this one:
Untiedts' Garden Market. They had lots of local veggies to choose from:
And some gorgeous Gladiolus flowers, too:
So today I decided to whip up a batch of "Kitchen Sink Soup," using lots of the veggies we bought at the farmstand. Here's the result:
And here's the recipe for you:

First, saute some chopped onion, garlic, and celery in a bit of olive oil until soft. To this add 4 medium-sized chopped potatoes, 2 sliced zucchinis, 2 mild green peppers, 1 fresh chopped tomato, and a jar of salsa. Next mix in 2 tsp. of chicken base or bouillion and about 4 cups of water along with some cooked, shredded chicken and a cup or so of cooked or canned beans. Heat to boiling, then reduce to a simmer and cook gently for an hour. Spoon into bowls, top with a dash of hot sauce and slurp away!

I love making soups because you can be so creative and literally use whatever fresh veggies you have on hand - green beans would be a good addition, and I forsee using all fresh tomatoes (and some fresh hot peppers) instead of salsa once my Big Boys start to ripen, which will hopefully be soon! It's been a pretty cool summer here in Minnesota, so we'll see...if nothing else, I'll go back to the farmstand and stock up big time.

Wishing you all the best of summer's bounty!
What's not to love about Veggie Soup!? I think we eat our fair share of this around here, but reading this has gotten me all excited about those heads of cabbage I passed over at the market this weekend. I love cabbage in my veg. soup!

So, you did it!!! Last week we handily landed ourselves 13 links to the Go Local Challenge for week 9. This means you've earned a giveaway for sure!!! I'll be drawing a name this week and contacting one lucky winner. Don't worry...I'll show you the loot, too. And there will be another giveaway coming right up. So keep those linkies coming and get cookin' friends! There's no better time than August to GO LOCAL!!!!


  1. Thank you for such a NICE introduction, Heather - you totally made my day. Know that I feel exactly the same about you, and I'm sending a big hug. Oh, and a kiss, too: Mwah!

  2. I love making soup! I'll have to give this dish a try!

  3. Great! I knew I shouldn't be reading this post at this time of night -- now I'm hungry! ;-) Sounds so good...

  4. Soup is the best! I love the picture of the glads and the market! Great post Paige. -S

  5. I love kitchen sink soup...I am just about ready to make soup with all the produce (it seems like it has taken a while for full garden bounty this year).

  6. Once again, I'm posting a partially local recipe. I hope that's okay...

    Local wild, fresh huckleberries and local Idaho honey went into this recipe, along with whole wheat flour and ricotta cheese (origins unknown).


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