Busy, Busy, Back Soon

It's been a busy few weeks.
Lots of produce finally showing up in the garden.
Pickling Beets
Making Blackberry JamHanging out with my little sis and teaching her to knit (!!!)A little sewing here and there. (not nearly enough)A lakeside vacation with all the siblings and nieces and nephews (not nearly long enough)
Lots of ice cream and lounging about

This month has been good to us. There's more to be done than can ever fit into a day. School has begun both for Hadley and also for me. I'll be heading back to the classroom part time this year. I'm anxious and excited and feeling the pressure of lesson plans and curriculum development again. Once I get past the nerves of it all I feel so very lucky to have a job when I need one, and so very excited to be teaching again. I used the laminator yesterday. I love the laminator. I sat in my classroom and numbered the folders of all of my students and counted instruments. I read through the music I'll teach and practiced introducing myself. I said a silent prayer that I'll be what my students need and find balance and joy in my craft.
Life is changing for me again. Change is hard. It takes a little while for me to settle in and get comfortable. I feel it happening slowly, though. I know I'm headed in a good direction, it just might take me a bit to find the way.
Until then...enjoy the end of the summer, the bounty of the season, and whatever changes you see coming your way.


  1. Glad you're back - and that in your time away you relaxed, knit, canned, picked, ate, and USED THE LAMINATOR (you and me, girl -- we are cut from the same mold!)


  2. oh how exciting! Such changes - I'm impressed you know how to use the laminator! I think I'd laminate something (like a body part) that I wasn't supposed too!!!

    good luck getting 'reorganized'

  3. Happy back to school time..you will do an incredible job, I just know it. I still think about the beginning of the new school year..all of the meetings, plans, confusion and excitement.
    Good for you and so lucky for all of your students.
    I miss the scent of crayons, paper, markers, new or old books and the absolute JOY of helping a wee one learn to read. Whew!

  4. I feel the EXACT same way about the laminator. I love it so much. It sounds like a very exciting time of year for you all!

  5. Ooh! A laminator! Never used one, but it sounds FABULOUS.

    I know you're going to be EXACTLY what your students need. They are so lucky to have you. Wishing you the very best as you embark on this new start!!!

    Also, beautiful, beautiful pictures! I recognize that ice cream cone wrapper on Hadley's cone--Ice Cream Alley! Am I right? Yum!!!

  6. Congrats on making it through the beginning of a new school year! I am a teacher on hiatus and as much as I love teaching the beggining of the year is so crazy!

    Also wanted to let you know I am pretty much jealous of every photo in this post. Glad you've had such a great August! =]

  7. By the way, the slippers you made, were they from a pattern or did you just whip them up? =]

  8. those slippers? so great! love them. also, have we discussed my love for the laminator before?

  9. Heather, you will be exactly what your students need and you are always what I need!!! I am really excited that you are back teaching and I hope that your first few weeks go well. It looks like August was a good month for you and your family.

    Lots of Love,

  10. I loved August! You were perfect for me and I'm sure you will be for your students. You are so talented you don't even know how talented you are. Miss you and our little crafts.

    PS I still need to sew on the bottoms to my slippers. Any ideas how to?

  11. oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your header! It's been awhile since I actually looked at your blog instead of just in reader. It's so cute H!

  12. All the best to you, too, Heather! If anyone can find their way around a new routine, it's you. And wow, just look at that produce explosion!

  13. Oh how I love pickled beets! I am so excited for you with school. I know it is a big change, but I also know that you will do so GREAT!!! -S


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