Local Meal for Go Local Week 6

BBQ Short Ribs
Caramelized Onions
Crispy Roasted New Potatoes
Market/Garden salad with shredded beets, carrots, and fresh peas

The truth is I could live without eating short ribs again. The meat was pretty tough despite baking low and slow for 2 hours. That's okay, though. The potatoes and salad made up for it. And the onions? Man Oh Man were they divine.

Week 7 will be all about apricots. We have them coming out our ears!

Remember to join in the fun right here. Have you been reading about all the great local eating going on around here? You guys are awesome.


  1. This looks simply delish! I think I know what we are having for dinner.

  2. Short Ribs turn out ever so tender when cooked in a crock pot!!!!!!
    And try the 'country style' ribs - larger, with no bones ....
    roll the ribs thickly in the BBQ sauce before placing them in a well greased crockpot - turn on low, and walk away. Cook about 4 to 6 hours ... ENJOY!!

  3. Looks FABULOUS!!!! Yum! Yum! -S

  4. Our local meals were quite similar this week. When it's Wednesday I get excited that it's almost Saturday...market day! I'm looking forward to my next go local meal!

  5. Oh. Yum. Those potatoes and onions are making my mouth water.

  6. that meal looks DIVINE. too bad the ribs weren't spectacular.


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