In Honor

As I celebrated my birthday this past week I took some time to think about my life. Where I came from and where I am now. I wonder what these posts will look like thirty three more years from now.
The following two posts were inspired by a friend.


  1. I really enjoyed reading those two posts. I like the idea of honoring where you came from while celebrating where you are right now this very moment.

  2. Late wishes for a very happy birthday!
    I, too, had my mouth washed out with soap. It may have been for being too sassy or trying out a new swear word I heard from an older brother or sister. Surely not!!
    Loved reading your memories here and where you are now.
    Best to you.

  3. Excellent posts, Heather. I like the similarities and dichotomies of where you were and where you are. Stellar the entire time!


  4. Happy belated birthday week to you! I loved reading those two posts, your memories of then and now. Best wishes for this next year!

  5. Beautiful. Such a wonderful window into your life, past and present.

    Thanks for sharing.


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