I Am From

Irrigated summer lawns and worm hunting.
30 minutes of weeding a day, which turned into mud caked fun.
The sweet, sticky smell of canning in August.
The proud look on Dad's face as he produced the first tomato of the season.
Cursing in the sewing room.
Church every Sunday. No matter what.
Bumper bowling on Monday nights or wrestling on the family room floor. We never won.
Plumb cobbler for dessert.
Cheesecake for my birthday.
Mam crying at the kitchen sink when things got hectic.
The first step in a line of 4 stair step kids.
Trampoline slumber parties.
Early morning raspberry picking against my will.
Time out on the couch for fighting.
Big family gatherings on holidays.
Saturday morning cartoons.
Playing it safe.
Sneaking behind the couch to watch Thirty Something over her shoulder after bedtime.
1 pint of freezer jam hiding in the back of the outside freezer. (Too much sugar, she said.)
Piano Practice every day.
Sweetheart's Pink Dishwashing Liquid in my mouth for cursing at my sister.


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