Go Local-Week Six-Meg's Knitting Knot Visits

Meg is a friend of a friend who's felt just like an old friend since the day we connected. You know what I mean? Meg and I have so much in common we should have always been friends. We share an anniversary date, our sisters have the same names, we have three friends in common, and we love pretty much all the same things. It's a natural connection.

Recently I've been especially enjoying my visits to the Knitting Knot where Meg has been sharing her experience as a new gardener (and a new homeowner). I can't believe her determination! There's no way I would have had the moxie to start the garden the day I moved into a new house. I applaud her, though. I can't wait to see what happens as the year progresses. I absolutely loved her first little garden plot. But the next big thing is sure to be even more rewarding! We'll be wishing you lots of luck, Meg!


From condo garden pot to backyard garden plot: one girl’s journey to become an urban farmer.

By Meg

I can’t remember my first time on a farm. From the stories my parents tell while laughing at the memory, I’ve clearly blocked it from my psyche. It must have been traumatizing to me. Clearly at an early age, I knew I was a city girl.

The story goes like this (or so I’m told): I was three and we went to Greencreek, Idaho to stay with our close friends on their family farm. My best friend (because who doesn’t have a best friend when they are three) loved the farm. She rode the horses, went on tractor rides with her grandpa and played in the field with her cousins. Me, I stayed on the porch the entire time. I apparently wanted nothing to do with all the land, the dirt and the animals. That’s how I spent my first trip to the farm. And I never went back.

Fast forward a few decades. I live in Seattle, one of many big cities I’ve called home over the years. As an apartment renter since college, my gardening days have been pretty much non-existent, basically a few plants in pots that only produced one or two servings of anything slightly edible. But a funny thing recently happened to the girl who gets nervous when required to sign a year-long lease; my husband and I bought our first house. Suddenly, the need to get off the porch and play in the dirt was very strong.

The day we first got into the house, I was at the garden center by 2 p.m. chatting up the sales lady wanting to know what grows in my new neck of the woods. After wrestling with some weeds about my height (they turned out to be the top of carrots!), I cleared the garden plots and was ready to plant. Boxes were shoved aside and ignored as I made my way out of the chaos of my new house and into the back yard. Tomatoes, three types of lettuce, two types of squash, zucchini, raspberries, carrots, radishes, onions, corn, chard and an herb pot are now living along side me and my hubby in our new digs.Do I know where the carrot peeler is? Not a clue! Have I seen my veggie steamer? Nope. But do I know where my next salad is coming from? Oh yeah.

Clearly, I’m making up for lost time.


Thank you, Meg! I so enjoyed having you share your first garden memories with us...and in the midst of a move, too!

So...what are you eating/growing/ buying at the market these days? I know my market is heating up and chock full of so much more variety this week than last. I'm sort of astonished at how quickly summer is flying, though! Better hurry and slow down...it'll be over soon.

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  1. I love how you dove right into go gardening. As a girl who grew up with little gardens, but no real gardening direction I'm figuring this all out on my own right now. My chats with the garden folk at the farm market help a ton. I love those garden plots..I hope someday soon to be out of my containers and into raised beds!

  2. Way to go Meg! Gardening can be a lot of fun, even for a girl nervous about a farm.

  3. Yay Meg! I'm so proud of your gardening adventures! (I only wish we lived closer so we could share tips, and maybe even each other's produce!)

    And, may I say, if I visited that farm with you at the age of three, I probably would have been right there next to you on the porch.

    Thanks for another great Go Local guest post, Heather!

  4. Yay Meg!!!! I am starting to get nervous about my guest post... At least I have a couple of things percolating... -S

  5. loved the new garden story - am itching to get my hands on some kind of space to grow things...

  6. Thanks for the opportunity to share my story Heather! I love reading what other folks are up to for the challenge!


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