Go Local-Week 9- Meg's Knitting Knot Returns and a Giveaway!

Meg visited us back on July 6th, so she needs little introduction. I will add that by day Meg is a journalist. She spends her "time clock" hours writing for publication. I'll let Meg explain why she wrote the following article for us to consider.
"It [the article] is a little different from what you've had in the past, so I hope it's ok. I was inspired by some of my recent political producing and I have a tendency to drag out my soap box when it comes to voting."

Take it away, Meg!

Going green sometimes means getting involved

By Meg

To quote my dear old friend Kermit the Frog, “It ain’t easy being green.”

What can I say; the little guy was on to something before his time.

I’m sure you know what he means. Those of us who consider ourselves “green,” “environmentalists,” or even “tree huggers” sometimes get a little flack from those who are not so eco-savvy (or even friendly for that matter.)

We’re laughed at as we pull cans and bottles out of the trash to put them in the recycling bins. Family members give us a weird look as we dump leftover food into separate containers for composting.

It’s one thing to take the green stance with your family, but sometimes going green means putting yourself even further out there and taking a stance with your community.

I’m lucky that I live in Seattle, a city that prides itself on its eco-savviness. Many of our elected leaders feel the same way I do about our environment. Recently, Council Members have made changes to legislation that promotes both local eating and improves our recycling. Some of those changes include:

· Creating permanent spaces for farmers markets in several neighborhoods

· Bringing smaller farmers markets to neighborhoods not served by them such as this one at City Hall in downtown Seattle

· Improving garbage pick up to include yard and food waste which is turned into compost for city parks

· Creating legislation allowing residents to created raised garden beds on the parking strips near the sidewalks (especially important for townhouse owners who don’t have a yard)

· Offering a $100 rebate for residents who buy energy efficient appliances

Hopefully your elected officials are looking out for your green interests. If not, then it’s time to take a stand. City Council members are your first line of elected officials. They are the ones who make the laws that affect you and your family directly. (I always find it a little discouraging when I hear people say, they aren’t voting this year because there isn’t any one important on the ballot, meaning mayor, Governor or President. The truth is, City Council Members are very important to your city and your vote does count. Very much.)

Send them an email. Show up at a City Council meeting. Support candidates who support an eco-friendly agenda. Let them know that even the littlest of green legislation can make a difference. It’s your voice. It’s your city. And most importantly, it’s your world.


Thanks again, Meg. Important things for us to consider for sure!

Now, friends, I'll be honest. I've been wondering what I need to do to get you all posting your links for this challenge. I'd be willing to bet you're feeling a little like me: blog lazy. I know I've been slacking off on the posting front. We're certainly eating local around here. I've just failed to get my meals posted. I'm wondering about a giveaway? Would that get you posting?

Aha! That's the ticket?! Alrighty then. Here's the deal.

If I get at least 10 links and/or informative comments to this week's challenge post I will do a giveaway. This means you have until Sunday, August 2nd to get your link posted. Remember you can post about anything having to do with local eating. Interview a farmer, visit a CSA, tour a Farmer's Market, make a local meal, post a recipe, can some peaches, grow something in your garden. You decide.

Do something local, post a link or leave a comment if you have no blog, follow the three rules(!!!) and you're in the drawing. If you get another person to visit and link their local food you get an bonus drawing. Just let me know you sent them. They will be entered as well.

Rules for Mr. Linky:

1. Post about something local on your blog.

2. Mention the Go Local challenge and link back here in your post.

3. Link to a specific post...please no home pages...so we can find the posting in six months if you so desire. (and title your link so we know what we're looking for.)

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  1. Alas, I can't seem to keep up with my blogging this summer....too busy living! Here's what was supposed to be LAST week's entry :)

  2. Excellent post, Meg. I feel your passion and LOVE it!

    I've finally got something to add to the Go Local Challenge. We've been eating a LOT of local produce, but nothing really new or invented, so I'm sticking to pictures of my garden. Which makes my little heart flutter!

  3. Hey, I am hoping to get a post up about raspberry jam this week..maybe in time for the giveaway? But, I was also wondering..have you ever canned pickles or salsa? If so can you send me or post the recipe/directions? And do you have a favorite pesto recipe?

  4. Thanks for letting me get on my soapbox about politics and voting! I'm glad you liked it!

  5. Great post Megsy! I have always loved that we could be activists together! I also have good local eating to get to Mr. Linky...but my own blog is a few days behind and I am super compulsive and have to put my posts up in order...so, hopefully the link will be up sooner than later! -S

  6. For some reason my link posted twice. Can you delete one of them? I love computers.

  7. This is why I love Meg so much -- she has such a smart and passionate point of view!

    Great points, Meg! And thanks to Heather for giving her another soapbox. :-)

  8. Seattle sounds like a pretty awesome place to live, Meg!
    I have a recipe up for - you guessed it - rhubarb!

  9. I DID IT!! I finally posted a local eating post on my blog and figured out Mr. Linky all in the same day!!!!

  10. Woo hoo! There you go! Number 10! And my blog is caught up too! I feel very exclamatory this evening! :) -S

  11. My post describes how we made hanging tomato cages from scrap fencing and reusable burlap. Thank you, Meg for your article. I couldn't agree with you more that decisions made by our local city council is the fastest way to make day-to-day activities great or horrible. I found our about this blog and challenge through Erika~the inspired mama a few weeks back and have been lurking ever since. =]

  12. Aside from spices and tofu, my ingredients are all fresh from our shared garden! Does that count? I hope?


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