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Sometimes we meet other people and we know instantly that we'll get along just fine. Such was the case when I ran into Erika over at Feeding the Big Guy and then on Ravelry and again at Lovely Little Lovelies. This crafty Mama blogger world can feel endlessly vast and insanely small all at once. I just can't help but get excited when I realize there are other moms out there who think a lot like I do, and that's been the case with Erika. Please welcome her to week 7 of the Go Local Challenge, and stop by Inspired Mama Musings sometime for a little crafty mama love. She has a lovely esty shop full of yuumy organic products, and several fun knitting patterns you won't want to miss. Be sure and say Hi while you're there! You'll be glad you did!

Summertime, and the (local) livin’s easy

By Erika

Summer suits us well is so many ways. My family loves nearly every single thing that the hot and sunny months have to offer. My very favorite thing about this season is the local living – farm fresh produce, outdoor markets, festivals in the park, berries for jam, backyard gardens… bring it on!

We spend most of our Saturdays at the farmer’s market and each of our mornings in our own garden, watering, pulling weeds and inspecting each plant for mature vegetables. Just recently we started visiting a cute little produce stand right up the road from our home to supplement what our garden is providing. This produce stand is extra special because it is located at the site of a large, organic garden that is planted and cared for by kids attending a summer program called Boise Urban Garden School or BUGS. Every Wednesday they open the BUGS produce stand, selling the vegetables from that week’s harvest. They also offer beautiful wildflower bouquets, herbs, and hand painted bird feeders. They are learning about where their food comes from, sustainability, nutrition, and ecology. And, they are witnessing first hand the amazing results of all their hard work.

The first time we visited we spent a good half hour looking at each and every flower, vegetable and painted gourd. Then my six year old insisted that we tour their garden, which we did. It is huge, and beautiful. Though it is located on a fairly busy road the vines covering the fence in front hide it from passers by giving it a secret garden vibe. She was ready to stay and work, right there on the spot. But after looking at the brochure conveniently located at the front of the produce stand we learned that she has to wait until she is 11 years old before she can enroll in the program. So she waits, but until then we will continue to visit them each week, pulling our red wagon, filling our cotton drawstring bags with whatever freshly picked item tempts us, until the vegetables are gone and the plants wither and turn brown.Ah yes, summer suits us well indeed.


Thank you, Erika. I know what you mean about summer and the relaxed pace it offers. Though I do love the produce and the fun activities available...I have to say that I could live without the heat of July and August and the fighting that seems to plague the littles if I don't keep our days sufficiently busy and structured. Truth is I won't be too sad when September rolls around!

SO! What do you think about all this summer time food? Are you getting your fare share yet? Or still waiting for the blossoms to turn to fruit? Do tell. And if you don't have a blog post to link to...tell us in the comments!!

The Rules:

1. Please link to the Go Local challenge somewhere on your blog or within your blog post.

2. Please link to a specific post about local food rather than your homepage.

3. Stop by the links and see what others are up to...and leave a comment! That's what makes this fun.


  1. What a lovely farmer's market! The weather is so off this year, our local produce is also a little off - I think just behind (it's cloudy and a bit cool this weekend - in July!). Cherries are still in stores - they're usually gone by mid June!

    I've been in heaven, though, enjoying tons of veggies and fruit and beans from central and northern California. I also know I'm lucky to live in the aggie state. :)

  2. yay! I finally was able to participate! it sure has been a busy summer...local meals can be challenging when traveling. :)

  3. We have a program like that in Minneapolis too. I was excited to get my oldest boy in on it but he has to be nine. We'll be waiting a few years as well!

  4. What a super cool summer program for kids, and what a darling name: BUGS! Thanks for sharing, Erika.

  5. I lived in Boise my whole life - until 3 years ago and I had NO CLUE about that wonderful market and BUGS program. What a great discovery. I even lived relatively close to the garden...I am so thankful to know that it exists! -S

    Mr. Linky seems to be missing in this post...am I missing something? -S

  6. i need to visit the bugs stand. thanks for sharing, erika!

  7. Hi there from Brisbane, Australia. Just stumbled across your beautiful blog and enjoyed it very much. Had to say hello as I am also named Heather Jane! (but my blog is Hester's Garden. Slightly confusing).


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