Camping at the Beach

We've started an annual tradition of heading to the Oregon Coast in June. We just can't resist the pull of the beach and the beautiful coastal forest so characteristic of Oregon.
We've discovered all the best tide pools and now we know exactly when to hit them for maximum viewing pleasure.
This year it was pretty cold the whole time we were there, but we still had a great time.
This seal was literally parked right next to the tide pools we were investigating. At one point he looked up and said hello and then just laid right back down again.

Hadley used her birthday money to buy this incredible kite. We had prime flying winds the whole time.

As long as we were protected from the wind we could enjoy ourselves because even though it was really cold the sun was shining the whole time.
One thing we always make a point of doing is hitting the beach first thing in the morning to look for sea stars and shells. This trip we had to leave Hadley in the tent because all she wanted to do was sleep. That's okay. Amelia was our beach combing buddy this time.
Sand is always appealing no matter the temperature. The girls just bundled up and hit the buckets for prime sand castle building time.

This year we took two tents. One for gear and one for sleeping. It was so nice to have our stuff separate from our hang out spot. We're finally getting our packing list down to perfection. The shallow blue bins are essential for kitchen items and food. Less digging. And the Dora table cloth? Well, it's essential!
A little breakfast in the sun!
The forested camp ground offers the perfect building supplies for fairy houses.
This year we also scoped out all the yurt sites and marked the map with our favorites. We've already made plans for a yurt visit next year. Tent camping is great, but it will be nice to head to the coast with a little less gear and a little insurance for rain and cold weather. We love exploring new places, but it's actually been really nice to start a tradition and know what we can expect while traveling with small children. The Oregon Coast is already starting to hold many of our most treasured memories.