Almost There!

We have 8 links for this week's challenge! Only 2 more to go and we'll have a giveaway. Of course I wouldn't be sad if you all cranked it up and we ended up with a record number of links (12) for this week. Remember comments work, too, if you don't have a blog.

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We just finished a delightful meal of local watermelon, peaches, sliced cucumbers, and non local veggie burgers(with local lettuce, onions, and cheese). It was so yummy! Yesterday we had my favorite skillet meal, which I'll have to share tomorrow. It's a summer sensation around here and it's soooo quick and easy. Get your zucchini ready!


  1. I'm looking forward to that skillet meal. Last night it was corn and salad and even sausage made locally--I almost jumped inappropriately in the supermarket when I found it.


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