Thank a Teacher

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Teacher thank you gifts are difficult or me. I don't have the budget to give money, which is what most teachers really need. I loved the little tokens of appreciation my students used to give me, but my desk could only hold so much, and I always felt guilty casting off something a student had made for me.

This year I decided to end the year with steno pad covers. They seemed like a nice way to use cute fabrics for a functional, usable gift. Plus we were able to use the front page of the steno pad to write a note to each of Hadley's teachers telling them how much we appreciate their hard work this year.

A teacher's job is really never done. Just like a Mom, the list of could, should, would do is endless and urgent. We've been so lucky this year with the teachers we had. Hadley has grown so much, and gained so much confidence in herself as a student and as a person. That's a gift that really can't be repaid, but shouldn't go unnoticed. Hopefully this small token will demonstrate a little of how thankful we feel. (We love you Stephanie...and all the other amazing teachers who helped Hadley learn so much this year.)

I found this pattern on a blog I enjoy reading for crafty ideas and I bought it. The pattern proved to be pretty frustrating, so I'm not going to share it here. Suffice it to say I was able to make it work about the third time around. I guess all steno pads are not created equal, and I needed to change the pattern a bit to make my covers fit the pads I had available. In the end I thought they were so cute all stacked up together. Of course I have my favorite.

What do you think teachers? Usable? Cute but not usable? Which one would you choose?

I'm off to First Thursday again tonight. I hope it goes well, but mostly I'm just really looking forward to a night out of the house and hanging out with some other fun maker people. I got a new hair cut and I made myself a new shirt to wear (it still needs tweaking, get on that!) Maybe I'll get a good photo to share...wish me luck!


  1. the steno covers are darling, heather. and GOOD luck at First Thursday --- not that you need it.

    Have fun!

  2. I love the gift idea!
    Have fun at First Thursday (First Thursday has a special place in my heart because that is what Jai and I did for our first date) and I can't wait to see a picture of you new hair do and your skirt!!!

  3. I love those covers! Way to keep at 'em -- they look great. I like the birdy one, myself. :-)

  4. As a teacher, I really appreciate anything...I cherish the kind thought that goes into any thank you. I do love those covers!

  5. I think they're great gifts--cute and practical. But even better than the steno pad, I love the thank you letters that you've written on the inside. While I remember few gifts that students have given me, I have a number of heart-felt thank you notes from students that I keep and treasure.

  6. Those are so sweet - I'm not a teacher, but if I were I think they'd make a great and practical gift. Have a good weekend, and let's see a pic of you with your new shirt and haircut! :)

  7. Heather and Hadley...I love the gift (and of course, I think my sweet little bird cover is the best) and the letter means so much to me. I have loved having Hadley in my class this year. She is an amazing girl. I think she takes after her mama.:)


  8. FABULOUS!!! I would be so pleased to get such a gift!!! I really love the blue polka dot pocket and the one below it!!! Much better than a gift card to a place that I may not even like. Very well done!!! -S

  9. What great gifts for the teachers! I had an English teacher once make me promise that I'd dedicate my first book to her. Haven't gotten that far yet, but I haven't forgoten either.

  10. I've been considering a thank-you gift for Jake's teacher this year since the moment I met her. She's amazing - and we all know what a difference an amazing teacher can make in the life of a child. Of course I've waited until the last minute to actually MAKE anything... I too, had considered journal or notepad covers but I'm not sure. I've also thought about coffee cup cozies but it just doesn't seem enough. I may be going the way of a picnic quilt made with large squares (to make it possible to put it together in the very little time I have left). It's a big-ish gift but this woman deserves it and more!


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