Yard sale napkins to enjoy with our local meal #3
Spinach, broccoli, and cheese quiche with a side of strawberries.
Sunday Comics for the nearly seven year old.
Evening bike rides to find Mexican popsicles and decide which flavors are the best.
(recipes to make your own right here)
Sugar Snap Peas
Strawberry and Checks Oilcloth Picnic Bowl...(in the shop!)
Sage and Chocolate Oilcloth Bowl...(in the shop!)
Summer is in full swing!!


  1. Spinach and broccoli quiche is my favorite meal hands down! I also love those napkins!

  2. All really, really good stuff for sure! The napkins are lovely, and your new top looks great, too. And those bowls? Fab!

  3. Gorgeous pictures, as always! That quiche looks delish.

    Oilcloth bowls! I love them!

  4. This is a lovely collection of summer inspired photos. Love those bowls! And that top!


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