Link it up...easy style

A few people have contacted me to express a fear of Mr. Linky. New things can be scary, so if you're wondering, here's how Mr. Linky works.

1. Write the post you want to share, publish it, and then click on that specific post from your home page. This will put the URL up in the browser address bar.
2. Copy the URL for the post you want to share by highlighting, and then right clicking the long address up in your browser address bar. Then select copy.(no home pages, please, just share specific posts so we can find that link forever from now if we want.)
3. Open a new window and go to the Go Local post you want to add your link to. (I'll have a library of these listed in the side bar for easy reference here very soon.)
4. Enter your name and a brief description of your 2 tell us what we'll find. (ex. heather jane-asparagus soup)
5. Right click in the URL box and select paste. This will link your name and description directly to your Go Local post.
6. Hit enter.

You're done! That's it! Really. That's all you have to do.

Then go read the other links and say hello.


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