Hadley is Seven

Hadley turned seven on June 19th.
Seven means:
Crazy teeth
Stellar reading skills and a discovery of the Sunday comicsSelf confidence in abundance and a magnificent joy for lifeA brand new two wheeler!
A mini party at the water park with her friend AdamAnd a big family party with her birthday twin, Ezra.
Hadley is full of life. She loves to read, play in the tree house, watch way too much television, ride her bike, draw/color/paint, and play games like Uno, Monopoly, Scene It, and Mancala. She's independent, strong willed, and incredibly happy most of the time. One of my favorite things about Hadley is her ability to change her attitude from grumpy to happy in no time flat. Her bad moods don't last long and that's a really good example for the rest of us. Happy Birthday, Hadley! We sure love you.


  1. I love the shirt! Roman numerals! Ha! So nerdy good! :)


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