Go Local-Week Two-Phydeaux Visits

This week I'm particularly pleased to kick off our series of Go Local guest posts. I've got 11 guest writers lined up to share something about their local food experience, and it's going to be fantastic! Some one new will be here every Monday to accompany Mr. Linky. So read along, post along and then link up so we can all read what you are doing. Did you get a chance to read the beautiful posts from last week? Thank you to those who shared and inspired. From back yard gardens to incredible rotating compost bins, to lavender ice cream...there were some very inspiring reads. I hope you'll keep coming back all summer long, because this year promises to be even better than the last!

My first guest blogger comes from the Bay Area, California. She and The Mail Man go way back, and Brenda and I have become fast friends as well this past couple of years. Without her encouragement and expertise I think it's safe to say I may have never had the guts to make sewhappyJane a reality. By day she works her tail off for a major university, and by night and weekend she knits the most beautiful fibers into the most beautiful scarves, wristlettes, and brooches. You really must see what she is selling in her shops, Phydeaux, and Phydelle. (photos used by permission of Pydeaux)
Brenda is a lover of food, yarn, cats, gardening, and art. She has a special place in her heart for local, organic food. You could say it's in her blood. She's also a talented writer. You can read more of Brenda's work on her corresponding blogs, and in her weekly column over at Paper N' Stitch. I'm honored to have her. Please welcome Brenda.

I'm going to make a confession, right here on Living Senses. A scandalous, horrifying confession.

I love ice cream.

Oh, wait, what? You do, too? Well, that's a good thing, because I'm going to share with you my very own secret to homemade berry ice cream, using locally grown ingredients, even if you don't have an ice cream maker (like me ...)!

I'm a huge believer in using locally grown and organic ingredients. My parents grow organic kiwi, and sell organic eggs laid by their organically fed, free range chickens. I'm so glad that more and more people are supporting their local growers by eating local.

I'm so lucky here in California's Bay Area to be surrounded by incredible local produce, all year round. But I still look forward to Spring and Summer's berries, and this super easy tastes just like homemade ice cream is just the ticket to deliciousness.
1 pint Local, organic strawberries, cleaned, hulled, sliced
1 pint Local, organic raspberries, cleaned
1/2 c Mini semisweet chocolate chips OR shaved/grated local semisweet chocolate
1/2 gal Local, organic french vanilla ice cream, softened (you can leave in the fridge to soften, or in a hurry, microwave in 10 second bursts, stirring after each)

Split your ice cream in two equal portions, one portion each to a large bowl. Stir into one bowl the strawberries and fold into the other, the raspberries. Fold in the chocolate to each bowl. Cover and freeze until firm, checking and stirring every 30 minutes (the ice cream will refreeze on the outside - stirring allows it to more equally freeze throughout). To really enjoy the flavors, try to refrain from devouring this for a full 24 hours. Then scoop, serve, enjoy!

Now seriously. How hard is that?

Here are a few notes I should add:
  • I really like my berries plain. French vanilla ice cream is all the sweetener I need. But if you need more sugar, just stir in sugar to taste to each bowl of berries before adding to the ice cream.
  • I can find ice cream made locally, using local ingredients, in just about any direction from where I live. If you can't, try Breyer's all natural french vanilla ice cream, which is delicious with just a few ingredients.
  • Some folks say, "oh yeah, that's just Coldstone Creamery ice cream," when they hear how I like to make my own ice cream. I respectfully disagree. Coldstone Creamery is darned incredible, but with incredibly high fat and sugar content, and without supporting the local agricultural community, also relying on trucking and other non-environmentally friendly means to distribute their product.
  • If you're diabetic or just limiting your sugar intake, try Breyer's carb-free french vanilla ice cream.
  • I hope you enjoy this! Also delicious with fresh sliced peaches or nectarines (without chocolate)!

Thank you, Brenda!! Can't wait to give it a try.

Now add your post for this week, so we can all see what you're doing to GO LOCAL!
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  1. oh.my.goodness. I cannot wait for fresh, local berries here!

  2. Fabulous first guest post!!! Woo hoo!!! I am dying for ice cream now! -Sara

  3. Hi Brenda! I'm sooo gonna make this ice cream. Yum!

  4. Hey! Mr. Linky wasn't that scary after all. And this is not my actual week one for Go Local - I am still in May on my blog...maybe next week I will be up to speed! -S


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