The Garden is in and the Peonies are Huge

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I'm loving my teapot for flower arrangements on the table these days. It's the perfect height for table talk, and it's been full of something since Mother's Day. Right now it's peonies, which I love so much. Every year I tell myself there will be more varieties for next year. Someday I'll remember when it's time to actually plant.
The peas are all obediently climbing their bamboo tepees. I'm anxious to see if we'll get to actually eat peas this year...I may have started them a little too late, but we'll see.
Both types of lettuce and spinach are turning out great salads. It's actually incredibly fun to head outside come dinner time and pick our own greens. I'm going to try growing lettuce in the shade of my tomatoes later in the year to see if I can actually have lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers all at the same time. Yesterday I braved the very intimidating task of planting my little seedlings in the big, bad garden. It's really something to see those tiny seeds become big, healthy plants. The feeling of gratification is not something I'll be able to put into words in a noteworthy way.
Let me just say that Life is Beautiful and Intentional and really GOOD today. I'm definitely hooked on gardening.
This photo was the inspiration for the Go Local 2009 Badges I've created. I ended up making two different styles to choose from. Even if you are only joining our challenge in spirit this year, and this cause is something you believe in, I really hope you'll consider adding a badge to your blog or facebook page somewhere so that others might hear about the challenge and join us. Eating local is something I'm pretty passionate about (Really?! Yes, really.) and I'm very interested in furthering the education of local food as much as I can. I've debated starting a blog dedicated to just the go local challenge, and I may still do so, but right now I'm hoping to spread the word through this space, and I hope you'll help. I think you'll like what I have planned for this summer's challenge. I know I'm very excited!!

We're kicking off on June 1st. You may not be ready to devote an entire meal to local food yet, but it won't be long! Even if only part of your one meal a week contains local food (within 250 miles from where you are...)you've done a good thing. Post about it and then head over on Monday, June 1st and add your name to the Mr. Linky I'll provide. You can also link to gardening posts (even previous ones). Shots of the Farmer's Market or U-pick farms are great, too. Feel free to add your links all week long, so we can come and see what you are doing to Go Local!!


  1. I love the peonies too. I posted pics of mine this week, that have been passed down through the family for 100 years, by splitting them.

  2. This post is like a breath of fresh spring air!

  3. Heather, What a great blog! Love your photos and your dedication to going local. I can't wait for all of the little farm stands to begin appearing in our area so I can stock up. I've been dreaming of making some jams and salsas to stock my shelves. You are an inspiration!

  4. What luscious pictures, Heather! I'm off to put up a badge on my blog. You rock!

  5. I'm excited to make a foray into local eating this year! Thanks for helping to inspire me! Beautiful pictures. Just beautiful.

  6. WOW!!! Your blog looks great (love the new header!) and your garden is looking super fab! I am a bit behind getting into the blog world (Out of town last weekend - in the west - in fact). I am so excited to be a part of Go Local this year! -S


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