Spring in My Step

Volunteer Violas springing up from the seeds of last year's basket.
The return of my deep purple lilac after a cold snap last year, which robbed us of all but a few blooms.
The emergence of my spring peas.

A new pair of socks in bright and spring-y stripes.

There was also a perfect spring storm with thunder and lightning, asparagus and spinach from the farmer's Market, lots of girl-y giggle time with the girls, helping my little sister unpack and move into her first house with her baby boy, long talks with The Mail Man about the future, sleeping in until 8am, and lots of sewing for my show this week.
It was a good, busy weekend. How was yours?
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  1. Lilac! Sigh. Wistful and a bit jealous. It doesn't grow well here for some reason; in fact, I can never seem to find it in the nurseries, but maybe I'll take that challenge on this spring once and for all. :) Great weekend, wish it lasted a few more days! :)

  2. I have to admit that last week was rough! We did a three day potty training marathon. There were times that I was ready to commit myself to the pshych ward, but in the end it paid off!!!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful week. I am itching to get to the farmer's market!! I may have to head down there this weekend.

    I can't wait to hear how your show turns out.

  3. Spring is taking over my every thought. I see two socks being knit at once---love it!

  4. The colors in those socks are so amazing that I actually want to EAT them. Is that wrong?

  5. Ahhh ... I just love how everything is so ~green~ this time of year. It's truely refreshing.

    I'd say this past week was - productive despite procrastinating. How's that for a summary!

  6. Do you have a new banner? Where have I've been... Looks great. We had lilac bushes growing up in NJ and I loved them,too.

  7. GORGEOUS pictures! Your lilac is beautiful. Mine is not blooming well at all, and I don't really know why. Maybe because the dog has dug around its roots? But it's still leafy. I don't know...I digress...

    Can't wait to see how the socks turn out!!!

  8. what amazing colors! i just love the yarn!

  9. How nice, Heather! Glad you are back and enjoying you spring.

  10. You're flowers are beautiful, but boy do I ever love the colors in that sock yarn. What fun!
    My weekend was full of digging new flower beds, planting and having a yard sale with a bunch of my co-workers. A good, productive weekend. Oh, and sewing, always sewing...

  11. Oh how I love lilacs. Not one student has brought them to me this year. Moop! -S

  12. YaY for spring!! we should get our kiddos together to play! maybe you, me and liz...

    i LOVE your socks! what yarn is that?

    i nominated you for a little blog award~ please come see!



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