Scenes from a weekend: Project Restore

Oh, wait.
The camera battery was dead.
There are no scenes except in my head, which doesn't really help.

But it was beautiful. There were lots of lush green trees and tall grasses, and more than that...there was a gorgeous hot spring perched right on the edge of the Payette River. I'm kind of sick that I could not photograph that part, but it did give me an excuse to just relax and enjoy the two days without the pressure of capturing it all on film.
I'm happy that I didn't capture the drive home and following night of Amelia terror, which basically un-did the restoring of sanity the hot spring provided the night before. Two days of no nap and too much junk yielded one cranky toddler and two cranky parents. The almost 7 year old did some serious laying low. I digress. It was great to be out of the city and away from my tasks and chores. I learned some lessons about how to camp with a two year old, and I'm convinced the rest of the summer will be better. Aside from all of that...

The past week and a half has been crazy busy and full of fun. There have been many preschool year end music programs (my job) and one for Hadley.

We've been gardening, cleaning, custom sewing, and stash busting.

My wall still looks exactly the same, and my artist trading card partners are still waiting for their tiny art (so sorry). It's all working out, though. I'm going to bust through this massive to-do list I've created for myself sometime in the next century, euhrrr, I mean soon.

Then I'll be back with the details of Go Local 2009!!! It's going to be a good year for local food. Can you feel it? Are you joining me? Even in spirit?

Hope so.


  1. ha ha. life. isn't it funny?

  2. I do love camping in Idaho! I miss it! Can't wait to see your current projects!

  3. Oh, toddler tantrums. Sorry to hear about the timing on that one. Just when you think things are going okay, they hit. Don't they?

    Anyway, so excited about the Go Local challenge! Thanks for leading the way!


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