Go Local- Week One- Scenes From the Market

This is the back drop to our little Saturday Market.
This old train station is now a museum and the perfect setting for a small town market like ours. (Although our small town has grown to almost 100,000 people in recent years, and it's no longer as small as it once was, our roots have remained in large part. There has been a recent surge in developing our quaint little down town area. The Farmer's Market has played a significant roll in this development.)

Let's meet some of the people who feed my family each year.

When you live in Rural Idaho you know you're going to run into a cowboy somewhere along the line. This group of cowboys and cowgirls visit our market every year. They bring with them traditional cowboy songs, stories, and killer dutch oven cooking.

This is our fearless market manager. Her name is Suzette. She's quick with a smile and a hug. She's so excited about this little challenge that she offered to post flyers at the market information table so that we can get even more locals involved in Go Local 2009!

The hot dog guy and his pretty umbrella.Asia is the soap girl.
She's a member of my ETSY street team and runs the shop Sinfully Natural. Here she's showing the girls her cupcake shaped soaps, which Amelia tried to eat when I wasn't watching.We've been eating this guy's broccoli all winter.
Next to the strawberry jam we've all decided the broccoli was the best thing we preserved. He assured me he's got 200 broccoli plants in the ground for this season. Thank goodness. I wouldn't want to hog it all.The argument could be made that the best bread around can be found right here. Fresh every Saturday morning from the ovens of a P.E. teacher and her bee keeping, bread making husband.Bee Crossing. Bee Ware!

Of course there are so many more people I didn't take pictures of. Some Saturdays I feel torn about who to support, and wish I could buy something from everyone. I try to spread my little budget around as much as possible. I'm just so thankful to have this great little market right down the street from me.

Here are some links for how to find a market near you.

Local Harvest has a great map of the U.S. Just enter the name of the city you're looking for and you can find a market near you. They also list tons of resources for local/organic resources and popular blogs about local food/farming.

Farmersmarket.com has an extensive list of all registered farmer's markets listed by state and city. I like their search function.
Most states also have a Farmer's Market page as well. A quick google search brought up an extensive list.And now for Mr. Linky. To participate all you have to do is:
1. Enter your name and a short title reflecting the post you'll be linking us to.
2. Enter a link (copy it from your blog and paste it into this blank) from the Go Local post on your blog.
3. Refer your readers to Living Senses so they can see what others are doing and join us if they like. You can do this by posting the badge within your post, in your sidebar, or simple linking back to me in some other way within the text of your post.
4. Now double check your link and make sure it works
Remember that you can add a link any day this week. We'll be checking in to catch up as the week progresses.


  1. I'm excited to do some local shopping! Hopefully I can figure out Mr. Linky!

  2. Great post. I LOVE your new banner at the top of the blog. It is beautiful and matches your vibrant-ness :)

  3. Hi heather, thanks for stopping by my blog! Now I have been personally invited, I can't NOT take up the Go Local challenge, so consider me signed up. I have thought about trying to do a fully local diet before and never got started on it, but starting off with just one day a week is so much more achievable.

    So, off to search farmer's markets now...

  4. Just realised I don't know how to 'take a badge' to stick on my blog. Are there instructions somewhere?? Thanks!

  5. I'm in for Go Local this year too. Thanks for hosting again, Heather.

  6. What a fabulous time at the farmers market, our neighboring sister city has a small farmers market each saturday and its always fun to see whats there.

  7. I feel like I was right there at the market with you -- thanks for the tour! And thank you for the links. You're an excellent advocate for going local. :-)

  8. I am thrilled that go local has begun again! I'm really looking forward to our farmers market opening...until then I'll enjoy yours! An old train depot IS the perfect place for a market!

  9. Can't wait to get started! You have a great farmers market!

  10. I'm in ... just got to get organized. I'm actually going to check out a local CSA today. The one we did for the past 2 years is still happening it just was a very narrow window for pick up - our schedule is too crazy for that. This new one is a wee bit flexible AND we can play on the farm! I don't know who's more excited about that - me or the boys ;-)

  11. I am a little nervous about Mr. Linky! But I will gibe it a try! My blog is behind right now...I am hoping to catch up soon! -S


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