You shouldn't post when...

The video camera is missing since I put it somewhere "safer"
You've lost 2 library books and can't figure out how
Your seedlings are leggy and now you're scared to do anything that might make them worse
The dinner rolls were doughy and gross
The laundry is still in piles on the back of the couch and you can't even think about putting it away
There is no time for sewhappyJane sewing
You gave faceless, tail-less handmade bunnies for Easter because you were so tired you couldn't stay up any later

You feel like it's all going wrong, when really it's all so small. It doesn't matter, though. When it feels wrong and hard and exhausting, it must be time for a break. Or a second look at why. Because surely it can't really be as overwhelming and mis-guided as it all seems, right?

You shouldn't post...but you do. For the sake of honesty if nothing else.

I hope to return soon with some cheery thoughts and pictures of tulips and Easter eggs. Maybe even those bunnies with their soon to be new faces.


  1. I think you're right. Sounds like a well-deserved break might be in order! Those faceless bunnies aren't going anywhere, right? They can wait a few days for a cute smile.

    Sending lots of restful, rejuvenating vibes your way, and hopefully that lost stuff turns up in the meantime!

  2. Glad you posted. Love is coming attcha from me (all the way from Boston).


  3. Everyone does go through a funk when nothing seems to flow easily. Makes me think of Poisons' "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" and all of the cliches about how it is darkest before the dawn, behind every cloud is a silver lining, keep your chin up, blah, blah, blah.

    At least your laundry is washed and on the sofa. Ours is becoming a bigger and bigger mountain in the hallway. If it weren't so expensive and wasteful, I would seriously consider throwing it all out and just buying a few new (clean) outfits for everyone. Then the whole thing would start over because I would just have to wash those. :)

  4. your are an amazing writer. as overwhelmed as you may be, your thoughts still have beautiful clarity :)

  5. I'm just glad that I got the kitchen floor mopped (the cat knocked over a cup of grapefruit juice sometime in the middle of the night, and it was an awful sticky mess).

    Lately, everything seems to be very difficult and time consuming, for lots of people I know. Weird.

    But, it's good to keep it honest. And for all of us to know that other people's lives aren't as perfect as their pictures seem.

  6. Heather...I once wrote a journal entry that said "have you ever had one of those days, you know the kind where breakfast is a can of Coke and lunch is a chocolate donut?!" Yeah, sounds like you need a little breather, probably a good bubble bath and a piece of cheesecake, too *grin* Keep searching for the JOY!

  7. You are always so busy creating that some times you just need a break and some time to regroup. Hang in there and hopefully things will get better. I still love you even when you mae faceless bunnies and gross dinner rolls!!!

  8. Yikes! That is the kind of day I had today. I can commiserate! -S

  9. I had that day monday when I slept through my alarm after being up all night sick with a cold only to spill coffee on myself before I even got to the bridge. Deep breath, radio up, tide stick out...and off I went. The day got slightly better, but I tell you the paper journal entry I wrote wasn't so positive. I'm sending you hugs!

  10. Hugs to you, my friend. Goodness knows I have days like that quite frequently. Sometimes life is just one big juggling act - comes a time when you just gotta put the pretty colored balls down and back away from the circus, ya know? Have a good rest and break. You'll be back to your most fabulous self in no time flat!

  11. Ahhh ... I feel like I am in the same universe right now too. It stinks when that happens. Hope the cosmos begin to smile upon you again ;-

  12. Heather, you know that I always look for inspiration on your blog and that I love to read about your daily steps. You have a great way to bring reality into my life and I cherish you for that my friend. Thank you for all that you are to me.You are a wonderful and beautiful person- I truly appreciate and cherish you. Have a fabulous day!! I love you and miss you!!!!!


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