photo courtesy of Joel Childs
It's time for me to unplug for awhile. I've been thinking so much about my time and how I function these days. Even with cutting my computer time to 30 minutes a day (or trying...) I still spend too much time in front of a screen and not enough time doing the things I want to be doing. During my time away I hope to:
  • trim down my work in progress pile
  • make new awnings to block the summer sun
  • create my Artist Trading Cards
  • Finish my first quilt
  • Clean my kitchen from top to bottom
  • Wash all of my windows inside and out
  • read a book
  • play with my kids
  • build a garden bed and plant it
  • exercise every day
  • get ready for the Mother's Day show I have coming up
  • find that ^%$& video camera
  • let go of some guilt, frustration, and feelings of inadequacy
  • sit still and be quiet
Wish me luck


  1. Good luck! Unplugging is a wonderful thing to do, we will miss you though!

  2. Yes, you'll be missed! But I admire you for doing it. I should do the same.

    Best wishes as you cross stuff off that list -- it'll feel so good to get some of those things accomplished!

  3. Good luck with your list! I admire you for putting you first! I can't wait to see what great craftiness you come up with as you unplug! I kind of enjoyed my two weeks with no phone, computer or texting while I was in France!

  4. I am unplugging for a little while this week as well...it will be a good, good thing.

  5. I hear ya sista. This computer just sucks you in and fries your brain ... and then I look at my messy house and wonder what's for dinner (at 5:30) and sigh. It can really get ya down. Here's to productivity, cuddles, and quite time!

  6. Have a nice break - you deserve it!!

  7. I've definitely taken a big step away from the screen lately. I need to find a little balance!

    How's the quilt going? Can't wait to see it!

  8. This is a great idea, Heather. I've managed to take a few unplugged breaks and it really helps. Enjoy your time away.

  9. good for you Heather... cheers!

  10. Have fun.
    Come to school to see me!


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