She's Two

Amelia JoyCapturing all that she is could be a daunting if not impossible task. But here is a list of the things I hope I never forget.

  • She makes us laugh on purpose
  • She wrinkles her nose and rolls here eyes
  • She drags her little pink chair all over the house so she can help a little closer to our level
  • She loves food
  • Any food
  • Some of her favorites include: red bell peppers, edamame, cheese, olives, grapes, jelly beans, tootsie rolls, hummus, ice cream, gold fish crackers, juice, noodles, and plain yogurt with strawberry jam
  • She eats all day long and says "I'm huuuungy" every time her mouth is empty
  • She hates to sleep and she always has
  • She comes into my bed most nights at about 3:45am. When I ask her why she says "see Mommy"
  • She adores her big sissy and follows her everywhere
  • She is nurturing
  • She goes running and squealing with delight every time her daddy comes home from work. When she wakes up in the morning and he's not home she looks at me with her head cocked to the side and says "daddy workin'?"
  • She is independent, but accepts help without a fight
  • She loves animals
  • She could play outside all day without any problems
  • She bounces when she's happy and this makes me happy too
  • She can be a bit of a bully if she knows she's got the upper hand
  • She is opinionated beyond what I remember her sister being
She's the joy of our lives. She keeps us on our toes. We wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Great post, Mom. Amelia is gonna love looking back at this one in a few years.


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