Thank you for the many encouraging words and positive thoughts helping me to put things into perspective. This week is showing promise. Your kind words and pretty things are helping. Pretty things always help.

Sunshine and tulips never hurt either.I took some time to slow down and knit a little this week. When I first started learning to knit I requested that a friend teach me to knit some slippers. She laughed and said...let's start with a scarf. But I don't need any more scarves.
I need slippers. I want slippers.
As soon as I joined Ravelry I searched all the free slipper patterns and marked my favorites. When it came time to actually start knitting I chose the pattern that best accommodated the supplies I already had on hand. In the end I chose the Pocketbook Slipper pattern. A friend had made them and noted that they ran big, so I took her advice and used a smaller needle. They are still a little too big, and I really don't like the pointy bits at the toe and heel ends. So these are not my dream slippers, but I love the color and I love that they keep my feet from touching my crumb filled wood floors, and they don't make me hot. (more details here)

See? Promise.


  1. I'm glad to hear your making progress... life's about the ups and downs! And what is it with hardwood floors and crumbs?? They are like a crumb and dirt magnet no matter what I do!!! Here's to a happy new day!

  2. I am enjoying so much what a wonderful knitter you have become.
    You are far more adventurous that I am and you are creating such lovely things.

  3. sweet! the color is gorrrrrrrrrrgeous! (and it's nice to know I'm not the only one with crumb filled wood floors)

  4. Love that color! What I want to know is how you don't break your neck on the hardwoods in those ... maybe I'm just a clutz ;-)

  5. So cute and I love the color!

  6. I LOVE that you knit yourself excatly what you wanted to! That's the beauty of knitting!

  7. oooh, what pretty little slippers :) i am loving that color lately! that pattern does tend to run a little big. i knit a baggy pair last year, and this year i knit myself a new pair in peace fleece on size 5's and they are perfect... and CuTe which is also very important! ;)



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