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Sarah tagged me and then Shannon tagged me. I'm tagging: Adrienne, Jessica, and Stacey.
No primping, preparing or editing allowed.
This is me 5 minutes after dealing with the two year old screaming fit of a lifetime. I'm not really as happy as I look. I smiled anyway.

If you enlarge this picture you might be able to see the "NO" sign taped to my sewing machine on the desk behind me. Hadley made one for the T.V., the computer, and the sewing machine last week. I told her I was unplugging and she was so excited she made these posters.
I hadn't intended to unplug the sewing machine, but I did end up only sewing once and then gave myself permission to leave the sign up the rest of the week.

I missed you all while I was on my "break". I enjoyed the break because it gave me a chance to re-evaluate some things, which I did. I'm hoping I'll be more mindful and purposeful with my time on-line. I'm also hoping to keep myself from getting too overwhelmed with possibilities and ideas. My head is full enough already.

I should also tell you that I found the video camera and the library books that I "lost". The video camera was right in the closet where it belongs. The library books were at the library where they belong. They were mishandled. Betcha they didn't guess that would send me over the edge when they shelved them without returning them for me. I'm forgiving.


  1. Hey Heather...I did the "tag" thing but I haven't posted it yet. How do you put in someone's name and make it go to their site when you click on their name (does that make sense?)--S

  2. I love the no sign! It's funny how much they love to have us give up what we use most. My kids enjoyed making the signs as well... especially for the computer!

    I also found peace last week and I'm continuting the moderation theory. Here's to a peaceful home! Have a great week!

  3. First of all "NO" -- I'm loving that!!

    And good job on finding those "missing" items. I missed you during your break, but knew it was good for you.


  4. I'm glad you found the peace you needed! It's also good to have you back to read :)

  5. I found a lot of the same when I was on my spring break too...I'm hoping that peace will stay with me a bit. Now I need to find a photo of myself!:)

  6. Hi Honey! Glad you're back, but even more glad that you had a nice break, too. I love the new banner, btw!

  7. Cute pic! Glad to see you're back in the on-line world! You were missed! Can't wait to hear about all your creative projects!


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