Lolly Chops Guest Post

Today's the day for Applesauce Cake over at Lolly Chop's blog ( if she's feeling well enough to post).
Stop by and say hello, if you have a minute.
The interview was done a few weeks ago, but we hit a snag and didn't have a chance to post the recipe until today.If you're here visiting from Lolly's blog...welcome!
I hope you'll come back soon and say hello.


  1. Hi...just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I loved seeing the mimeographed recipe on lollychops and the cake looks wonderful. I didn't know anybody but my own father ate cake in bowl with milk over it. :) Maybe it has something to do with living in Idaho?


  2. What a fun interview! I'll have to give the cake a try - I do love to make my own apple sauce. I came up with my own receipe! Hope the crafting is going well. And I love the new blog header!

  3. Congratulations on your guest post, Heather! You rule (and rock).



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