A very good time

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Her favorite finger foods: edamame, carrots, red bell peppers, jelly bellies, hot dogs, olives, cheese and hummus
A super hero cape
A strawberry shortcake doll
Amelia Bedelia Books
Real Strawberry Cake
Balloons and Streamers
Just enough people to make it a party and not a competition

A perfect day


  1. Looks like a wonderful birthday!! The cape and doll are just precious! And the cake -- boy, do I want a slice of that. Looks so yummy... :-)

  2. p.s. -- I forgot to say I used to have the exact same Strawberry Shortcake doll!

  3. I love how she has such sophisticated favorite foods..edamame, veggies, olives, hummus...but then you throw in hot dogs. What a perfect combo.

    She's adorable. I can't believe she's two. Enjoy it!!

  4. What a great day, and post! Happiness to Little A!

  5. Happy Birthday Amelia!! It looks like you had a great party.

  6. That looks like the perfect birthday-pink cake and lots of laughter!

  7. I love strawberry shortcake!

  8. I refuse to believe this. Wasn't she JUST born??? Amelia is adorable!!! And two!!! I'm glad it was a wonderful bday and a wonderful celebration. xo

  9. I say this all the time...any chance you can be my second mom? You rock!!! -S


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