Look Out Sink...and other things

I'm just going to go ahead and call March Dish Cloth Knitting Month. Please join me if you like!
I love these little dish cloths enough to keep casting on a new one each time the previous one is finished. The dish cloths this crafty girl made for me have turned out to be one of the best handmade kitchen gifts ever received. I loved them so much that I bought myself several skeins of cotton yarn and tried really hard to crochet more.

That was three years ago.

Fast forward to now...I'm a knitter. Yay! My cotton yarn has been rediscovered. I now have three completed dish cloths and another very fancy one on the needles. I want at least 7. The pattern for this dish cloth comes from here. I found it through Ravelry, of course.
I also took another shot at the famed Delores Park Cowl. It worked this time, but only after I blocked it. At first I thought it was going to be another bomb, but I was encouraged to keep at it and block. So glad I did! I used Louet Riverstone yarn. I can't remember the colorway, but I love it. There's enough left for a pair of fingerless gloves or some other small project.
The Mail Man is working hard on the sewhappyJane studio. The door to this space really says that. Makes me feel so important. Yes. It needs to be cleaned and yes I put his face there on purpose. Soon I'll be sharing a full reveal.
Can't wait for that!!


  1. Very exciting stuff, Heather!

  2. Good plan! I've been crocheting dishcloths for a while. They make excellent gifts! I need to teach myself to knit some. I think they're less bulky than crochet. Thanks for the pattern link! It looks pretty easy to teach myself that one. I have very, very basic knitting skills.

  3. Love the dishcloths! You have me inspired to make a few myself. My aunt (who taught me to knit) is famous for her dishcloths and I can't believe I've never made one. Maybe now is the time to try.

    Looking forward to the studio reveal!!!

  4. Well hello, you knitter, you! I love the DPC - fabulous color!

  5. Oh....I'm so excited for the big reveal! I so want my own craft room so badly! And I like your dishcloth plan for one every day of the week! That's the way to go!

  6. How exciting. Like everyone else, I'm eager for the big reveal :)

  7. I think dish cloths this month is a good idea, mine are rather...scary looking! I can't wait for the reveal either!

  8. Hee hee! Corporate - brilliant! Hi there Mailman! :D

  9. Gotta love that door! I can't wait to see your new space.
    I've knit dish cloths..but not in a long time. I have been knitting up my own little "sponges". I love doing those and I have enough for a clean fresh one each day.
    Happy weekend.


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