Yarn Storm

It's entirely possible that I might start calling myself a knitter. Not because I'm good at knitting.

Because I love knitting.
Most of you are already knitters, so I don't have to tell you why knitting is really worth getting all excited about. I've been hesitating on my introduction to this craft because I was afraid it might over take my love of fabric.

I don't think that will happen. I love my fabric stash and I love to sew. Plus, knitting really complicated things takes a lot of patience, which I don't have. Sewing takes a different kind of patience. It's what I call short term patience. Meaning even complicated projects can usually be finished within 1-2 sittings.

Yesterday I decided to join the crowd and knit the Delores Park Cowl.I learned my first knitting lesson the hard way.
I certainly did not need one of these pretty cowls, because I was lucky enough to receive a Holli Hand Knit cowl for Christmas. The one she sent me is gorgeous and perfect in every way. I loved it so much that I thought I'd make one to give away.
After talking to Holli for some pointers yesterday morning I cast on, and 6 hours later I was ready to cast off. Not 6 hours straight, mind you. There was dinner and bed time and all that in there, too.
I went to you tube to learn how to do things like join in the round, increase, and cast off. It's all there, people! Everything you could ever want to know about knitting is available on youtube. Since reading about knitting doesn't work for me, and taking classes is not convenient or affordable at this time, I've found youtube to be a really great resource. Holli also recommended a website called knittinghelp.com, which I also used and found very helpful. Especially for learning about continental knitting, which I love. It's perfect for a lefty like me, and I loved that I could switch back and forth between English and Continental when fingers got tired after too much knitting one way or the other.


Sometimes being cheap doesn't pay off.

Instead of springing for the gorgeous malabrigo yarn the pattern recommends I bought a chunky acrylic wool blend. The yarn is gorgeous and super soft. Too soft.

Within minutes of wearing the cowl it rolls into more of a yarn necklace.


I will have to pull it all out and make something else with this yarn. Perhaps more fingerless gloves?! We'll see. One thing is for certain. I'm a knitter!!


  1. wow, that looks amazing! i can't believe that's your first project! i'm totally impressed, and i'm drooling over your fabric collections!

  2. Totally cool, Heather! Congrats on finishing a DPC -- it's beautiful -- but alas a yarn necklace isn't super functional, so pulling back is probably a good idea. If you are heart set on making a DPC, you could try casting on again with maybe 10 fewer sts and knitting tighter ... ?? or you could make a snuggly hat for the mailman to wear to work ;)

  3. Love it. I have been wanting to start knitting. My grandmother showed me many years ago, but I didn't stay with it. I'll check out youtube!

  4. Hello, you knitter, you!
    I can totally sympathize with your DPC woes. Mine is a total yarn-necklace, too. I wore it a few times hoping I could somehow "will" it to be a decent cowl, but the yarn I chose is way too soft. I'm gonna rip mine out also. Live and learn, right?

  5. Isn't it wonderful with all of the things that one can do with hands, sticks, needles, thread, and yes, a machine.
    I salute you with your accomplishments. It's amazing to have all of these lovely works one can create, with time and patience, persistence and will, not to mention the joy of it all.
    It is a bit like reading though, so many books, too little time!!
    Whoo hoo for you. Such wonderfulness.

  6. Look at you!!! I love your projects. Those fingerless gloves are super cool.

    I've been knitting for a while now (although I admit I've been much less prolific since becoming a mommy) and I had no idea about going to you tube for knitting pointers! Thanks for the tip!!!

  7. Welcome to the world of knitting my friend! Sorry the first big project was a bust...but you've got the spirit so that's really all you need! Hang in there! I can't wait to see your next FO (finished object!) I also fear the sewing will take over my love of knitting too, there just isn't enough time for all the crafy goodness in us and in the world. Sad, isn't it?


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