I couldn't help but get excited when I saw this stitch guide for lefties over at Sublime Stitching today. It's funny what we take for granted when we don't know any better. I mean, really. I knew that stitch guides felt a little confusing to me, and to be honest I usually make up my own way of doing things (which never really turns out all that great), but now I know that's because it just didn't make sense the way things were being explained before.

Now I can go hog wild on the adorable stitch patterns Lolly Chops has been cranking out. They are seriously cute, people. If you haven't yet discovered them...head on over. Mushrooms, frogs, trees, flowers...it's the perfect activity for taking along on the out door adventures that are sure to be heading your way any day now.

I believe I'll start with this one:


  1. Ooo, I've been eyeing those patterns, too...have you checked out Pimp Stitch?? There's some great ones over there, too.

  2. Lefty over here too! It's amazing the confusion being left handed brings! I eventually learned to knit right handed, but I have to cast on right handed, and I crochet left handed..on and on. This explains all of my problems, I am sure!

  3. As a fellow lefty, thanks for the tip on the stitch guide! And those are cute embroidery patterns...so much craftiness to do...so little time!


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