Heart's Day Gifting

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I know...two collages back to back.
We've been busy around here!

Top Left moving clockwise:
Hadley's Apron
Amelia sporting her Bo-Peep ruffle skirt,
Close up of Hadley's apron with chocolate smudge already doing its job,
V-Day cookie stack on my favorite tea towel brought from Brazil by my Sister and Mom
Amelia's Keyhole Scarf

About the projects:

Hadley and I designed this apron just for her. I wanted to make her a Bo-Peep skirt as well, but when I brought her to the studio to choose the fabrics, she decided she really needed an apron. We set about choosing which prints she'd like to use and I immediately had to keep a straight face as she outlined for me exactly what makes a good combination. Not too girly, not too bright. The hands moving, the face animated. I love that kid. So much.

For Christmas I received the amazing Anna Maria Horner book: Seams to Me. My sister Rebecca, who knows me so perfectly well, presented this book to me on Christmas Eve. I believe I've looked at it every day since then. I finally narrowed down my first project and made the Bo Peep skirt for Amelia's Valentine's Day gift. It was really simple to put together once I understood the process. I highly recommend the book.

The Keyhole Scarf was knit this Saturday afternoon. I had just a bit of this happy yarn leftover from Hadley's scarf earlier this month and decided they needed matching scarves again. This was a free pattern on Ravelry, my latest computer time sucker. The scarf has a little hole in it so you can just feed one scarf end though the hole and not have to wrap it around her neck as she wriggles away. Project details can be found there. (If you are a Ravelry user and I havn't already found you...become my friend. I'm sewhappyJane!)


  1. My goodness you've been crafting up a storm! Such lovely things....I especially like the the top apron strap that goes around the neck -- it appears to be kinda ruffly. Cute! And I think I'm gonna have to hunt down that keyhole scarf pattern. What a great idea for little ones!

  2. You have been one busy Momma! I am still being a slacker. I just can't get motivated to do anything. I am doing good just to keep the house reasonably (and I am using that term lightly) clean.

  3. Love the skirt, the apron and scarf. What's not to love that you make?

  4. Excellent work, Heather! LOVE the key hole scarf!!

  5. Heather-
    I love seeing all of your creations! You have the cutest girls ever! I wish we could see you more often! Love you-Tina

  6. You are so crafty! A collage of finished projects is so satisfying..isn't it?

  7. You've been busy! As always I'm inspired by your creativeness! I'll have to check out that book and find you on Raverly! I'm friends with Holly there. I'm Meg's Knitting Knot. But I'm not on raverly that much....totaly time suck!!! But I do love it too!!

  8. i love the collage! and yay for left over materials!

  9. I have the Anna Maria Horner book, too, and I love it. Your Bo-Peep skirt turned out great! I'm gonna find you on Ravelry for sure - see you there!


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