Big Ideas

There are certainly days when I can't sleep. I lie in bed with ideas swirling and brain churning. I write and write and write. I draw pictures of my ideas and I bookmark inspiration like a mad woman. But still I can't sleep for the lack of time to do.

If only I could sew as fast as I can dream.

Recently I heard an interview of this guy: Andrew Bird. He was playing a local show and being interviewed on a local radio station. He's a musical genius to be sure. He talked about how he would be in constant mourning if he felt bad about not being able to act on every idea that came to him. His philosophy: if it comes back it's a keeper.

So perfectly put. Leave them alone and they will come home. I think that's what it takes sometimes.


  1. Ooo - I really like this idea. If it comes back it's a keeper. What a great philosophy. I know what you (and Andrew Bird) mean about so many ideas you don't know what to do with them all.

  2. I like that idea...I used to keep a note pad next to bed, but that was just dangerous and I would list and list. So if it comes back, I'll make/do it!

  3. That's great idea! I may act on that one as I too have lots of ideas...and so little time. And frankly, sometime so little energy!

  4. Love this post. Very interesting!!

  5. Goodness, you make a good point. And it comes at a great time for me, as I'm looking for inspiration regarding what to do with my free time in the near future, and ideas are bouncing around in my head...

    Hopefully I'll settle on some good ideas in the near future. If they come back, I'll take note.

    And might I add, that Andrew Bird is a stunning whistler!!!

  6. Love your post... I'm always thinking of different ideas...and blogging has forced me to make some happen, too.

    I wonder where Andrew got the idea of the jeweled beetles in his must of come back to him? :)


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