Word for 2009

I was introduced to the idea of a word for the year by Dawn. I thought it sounded like something I could really incorporate into my way of thinking about the new year.

I am a list maker of the highest order. My best days start with a list. My worst days do not. So I know that it's important for me to make a list of things I'd like to accomplish in a day, week, month, year.

Even so I do not make resolutions. If my list goes unchecked it's okay with me. Better to live and enjoy life than to obsess over broken promises. My list is more a list of ideas for the span of a year.

I *am* working on a 5 week overhaul, however, and I will share that with you on Monday.

For today I give you my word for 2009


  1. How did you make your word? I want to participate but I want a cute word too.

  2. that is my favorite word in all the english language!

  3. Nice choice of words and one I am afraid I will never be on speaking terms with ROLF! I love your new backgrounds, by the way, I may have to just go check out that website. Good luck with your word.


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